Redefine opportunity

There are two types of people in this world. People who pick up the phone when they see ‘unknown number’ and people who don’t.

Create opportunities

It’s 2014, opportunity doesn’t knock anymore. No one does.

When was the last time you knocked on someone’s door? Whenever someone is coming to pick me up, they give me a call or throw me a text. Opportunity is no longer someone knocking on your door and yelling “Hey, is anyone in there!?”

If he did knock on your door, you could look through the peep hole, and make sure it’s him.

Instead, opportunity is a call from ‘Unknown number’.
Oh jeez.

No one wants to pick up that call. It makes you nervous; anything could be on the other end. It’s not even about the call, it’s about the fear of the unknown.
That is where opportunity lies.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
-Thomas A. Edison

Opportunity is everywhere around you.

Think about something you enjoy doing.

Do you like writing?
Write a short story and self publish it. It’s free.

Do you like dancing?
Start a YouTube channel and upload videos of you dancing to your favorite songs.

Do you like board games?
Create your own, bring it to your local game store and start telling people.

Do you like poker?
Go online, start a group, and see if you can host a poker night at a local casino.

There are opportunities everywhere! You just have to look at any passion you have as a path that you can explore.

Although, if you want to if you want to go down one of these paths, you have to take the first step. You have to take a passion, and work at it. Then, if you want, you can make money from your passions.

No matter what you enjoy in life, if you practice enough, it can become your profession.

Keep this between us, but I’m a nerd.

I was watching a Starcraft 2 (video game) tournament recently and the winner received one hundred thousand dollars. The person who won this tournament had already earned the same amount in a tournament only four months before.
Let that sink in.

Two hundred thousand dollars, from a video game. For a long time people thought video games would only ever be a hobby.

What hobby would you like to make two hundred thousand dollars from?

I want you to do an experiment for me.

I want you to pick something you enjoy, and consciously develop that passion at least five hours every week. You can do this for one week, or six months.

Just work at it, and put your passion on display for the world to see. Let your light shine!

Do it for as long as you still enjoy that activity. I guarantee that once you start developing any skill or passion, opportunities will start to spring up.
Just make sure when that unknown number calls, you answer.

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