Three Things I Learned From Chocolate Almonds.

These chocolate almonds are sitting on my table, staring into my soul.

I want them.

I can’t. I’m not allowed.

I love Bulk Barn. They have so many goodies. Everything is so cheap there. I cannot help myself. I go in there and turn into Mr. Hyde.

Annex - March, Fredric (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)_04

Bulk barn should really pay me for this.

I started intermittent fasting. It entails eating minimal amounts through the day and a moderate meal a few hours before bed. Increase the amount of water you drink and give your organs a rest from internal combustion. This is a kind of cleanse method.

Problem is, I love food. Every year I do it and every year I Cheat. And these chocolate almonds do not help the case. I stare at them, day in and day out. They stare back. I have to develop the discipline. If I can finish this cleanse without eating those, I will consider myself successful.

They are my weakness.

A) Stick To Your Guns

I made this goal. I have to see it right through. I can’t fail this time. I always fail it. This year, I owe it to myself. If you set a goal for yourself, stick to it. You owe it to yourself.

It’s easier said than done.

But think about failing at it. The disappointment you’ll feel. That’s a shitty feeling. You don’t want that. I experience it every year around this time. I’m tired of it.

B) Be Consciously Aware

I reached for the chocolate almonds, put my hand in the bag and realized where I was. For a brief moment, I lost control of my body, consumed by the thought of having delicious chocolate almonds.

Discipline requires you to be consciously aware of the situation/goal and your ability to crumble (sometimes). You have to be aware of the fact that you have a goal and need to adhere to it. Be consciously aware that you might faulter.

Rather than catching yourself in the act of being undisciplined, you will have the awareness before you act in this way.

C) Remove yourself/obstacle from the situation

I’ve dealt with the chocolate almonds. I threw them into the brimstone, removed them from my life forever. Well, not really. I just moved them into another room.

Out of sight, out of my mind.

If possible, the best thing is to leave the situation or avoid it all together. Temptation has a way of leeching into your being. Just stay away from the situation.

Sometimes the best thing to do to build discipline is to avoid temptation. Hypothetically, if you are never in the situation, you will never have to deal with it.

Reward Yourself

Chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Have a reward prepared for your success. You’ve earned it. Something to look forward to will help you strive for that goal even harder.

Think of it as delayed gratification. You do something now and you’ll get a benefit at a future point, especially if it is a long-term goal.

My reward at the end of this is a healthier body.

If I can stave off these chocolate almonds.

5 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned From Chocolate Almonds.

  1. Well said. I liked reading this blog. Im going to try to stay away from negative people, thoughts and environment etc. Good luck with your next post keep on writing


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