How to enjoy things you hate

Today I pet my cat.

Alright that might not seem like very much to you but usually I hate petting my cats. They shed, they won’t leave me alone after I’m done, and they seem to constantly shuffle out of arms reach. So why is it that I was petting my cat for almost forty five minutes today?
He looked sad.

I couldn’t help it, his eyes said “All I want is some attention, please.” I feel that way sometimes, I think everyone does. All he does all day is wander around the house. During the summer he goes out, but I live in Canada, with all the snow it’s hard out there for a kitty. He ventures out sometimes, but quickly regrets it. What does he do with the rest of his time? Does he just lay around and stare at the walls? I’d go mad I think.
Does he get bored? Does he feel neglected?

I don’t enjoy asking those questions. The possible answers make me uncomfortable. What if I’m letting him down by never giving him any attention? Do his feelings towards me change? More questions, I have no answers. I’m sure someone has answers, but I am not that person.

But, I was petting him now. He was happy, and honestly, I was as well. Just as I had reflected his state of melancholy, I could now feel myself reflecting his excitement. I had always hated the act of petting him, every part of it. But now I realized that no matter what, in seeing his spirits lift, mine lifted as well. I could be delusional, I don’t mind. I think I am going to approach every interaction with this state of mind.

I like to imagine that each person has a light bulb of feel good. When we help others to shine, we don’t have to work so hard to light up our surroundings. Imagine if everywhere you went you helped make one person shine brighter. Your smile to a stranger, might cause them to smile more often towards other strangers, who knows where it could spread.

When you make others happy, you are making the world a brighter place. It may not seem like much but I promise you, on your dark days, it can save you.

Does my cat actually have feelings and thoughts? I’m not smart enough to know the answer, but I know that when I was petting him, he was happy. And so was I.
Love you hide ❤

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