When I was younger I had trouble paying attention. I’ve always been a spacey person, unable to hold on to a single thought for very long.

I’d tell a story, only to end up going on so many different tangents that I never reach any conclusions. At one point my teacher gave me a tape recorder to record his lessons because I couldn’t pay attention during class.

Being this way has its positives—it has made me a very fluid and creative person—but it has its negatives as well. For most of my life I have lacked all discipline and organization.

But, we all play the cards we are dealt, so I found a solution to my problem.

Write It Down

I started writing things down to help my memory, but I realized that there are a multitude of benefits that come from writing down your reminders, goals, and thoughts.

A thought is not something that you can grasp and it will often be forgotten, but when you write it down, you bring it into a tangible and permanent existence.

I have found three major ways to improve my life through writing. I’m confident that once you start writing things down, your life will move in the direction of your aspirations faster than it ever has.

And not only that, you’ll never forget to pick up the milk again—which brings us to our first point.

Write Lists And Notes For Memory

I have a horrible memory. I’ve actually forgotten my aunt’s and uncle’s names before. Don’t tell them I said that.

Remembering is hard work. Your brain has to encode information, then retrieve it at a later date. I don’t know about you but I like to give my brain a break whenever I can. It does literally everything for me so I feel like it deserves a break.

Before you go shopping, write a list. Better yet, write it throughout the week as you go. This way, when you leave the store you will know that you have everything you need.

Although it is embarrassing to forget the milk, that isn’t the only time notes are useful.

I write notes for just about everything. The books I read, YouTube videos I watch, the names of my neighbours, everything. Once I write something down it gives me a sense of relief. I no longer have to worry that I won’t be able to retrieve that information from the depths of my cluttered mind.

Writing notes and lists will make people think you have memory super powers. Try it out.

Write Schedules For Productivity

Just as writing a note helps you remember it, writing a schedule helps you stick to it.

When you get into the productive mood and you are thinking about all the things you are going to accomplish, it’s a great feeling. But if you are anything like me, that feeling doesn’t last forever.

You wake up the next day, and you don’t have that same enthusiasm. You are in a different mind-state and you can’t be bothered to think about all those things you wanted to accomplish.

Studies have shown that writing down a schedule helps you stick to your plans more so than if you don’t have specified times for tasks. It’s easy to understand why.

The first step to making any vision a reality—whether it’s a vision for your life, or just one for your day—is to give it permanence by writing it down. That way when your mood changes, you will have a reminder from yourself of what is important.

Write A Journal For Reflection

The last way I would encourage you to bring writing into your life is through a journal.

Notes and lists help you remember, schedules help you become organized and efficient, but journaling helps you to recognize patterns in your thoughts.

We have thoughts that come and go and we might not realize how often we go through certain thought patterns.

Journaling allows you to see the patterns in your thoughts over time and reflect on them.

If you have an issue that bothers you, you might not think it is a problem because you brush off the thoughts whenever they surface. But when you read through your journal, you realize that you have these thoughts frequently.

This ability to record your thoughts helps you see patterns in the otherwise fluid process which you cannot hold on to.

This type of reflection is a life changer. You discover the your innermost wants, fears, anxieties and values all through journaling.

I write every day, and each time I do it benefits me. I remember more, do more, reflect more and become more than I would without it.

If you are looking to get a big reward from a small practice, start writing everything down and watch your life transform.

You can thank me later.

How To: Cure the Block

I have writer’s block today. I almost never have writer’s block. My ideas and thoughts usually flow naturally. For the most part, writing an article just comes second nature.

But, today is different for some reason. I’m going to diagnose my problem, treat it (by finishing this article) and, hopefully, sleep well tonight, knowing that I wrote something half decent.


Here goes:

A) Increase Blood Flow

When I wrote that first part of the post, it was early in the morning. Now, as I am writing this, I feel more at ease. Why?

I just finished an intense workout routine. I feel all the blood flowing through my body. Exercise is effective at getting your blood moving through your brain and getting those creative juices flowing.

Even something moderate. For me it was intense, but something as simple as a walk outside will clear your head for those creative juices.

B) Surround Yourself with Different Surroundings

Leave your mundane writing environment and start somewhere new. In most cases, I write my articles in my room, most of the time in my underwear (that’s an unwanted image).

Sometimes, I feel like I have no inspiration to write. Similar to the previous point, walking outside helps with that. Surrounding yourself with fresh air and new environments will produce new ideas.

C) Use Stimulants

I’m not a fan of drugs, as most of you know. By stimulants, I mean something that perks you up. For me, I use tea.

Daily teas are part of my routine because it gives me a little peak of energy. Similarly, you can use coffee as a substitute.

I can’t do coffee anymore. I had a serious addiction and decided to quit cold turkey. Now, the smell of coffee makes me gag. In my opinion, tea is just as effective without the after-jitters.

D) Read

I think reading can solve most of your problems. For example, after reading this article, you will overcome your writer’s block. If I’m stuck, I will read one chapter from three different books.

I read one chapter from a self-help book, one from the fiction category and one from any science category (most of the time, it’s psychology).

Reading three different chapters from three topics allows my brain to have idea sex. I mix all three different thoughts together. You can always combine ideas from different topics.

This fresh perspective will give you something to write about.

E) Make an Outline

If you have different topics already in mind, write a rough sketch of it. Figure out your main topics and make points. Make these points as simple as possible.

Your goal here is to write as many points as possible. Don’t worry about good and bad points or expanding on anything. Write enough to jog your memory later. Once you’ve compiled a list, go back and revise.

Cut out all the fat.

F) Just Start

Stop thinking about the writer’s block and just start with something. It can be nonsensical garbage, but just start writing.

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop” – Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

Sometimes all your brain needs is to put down some words. The more you get down, the easier it will be to continue.

G) Write Daily

Writer’s block doesn’t affect me as much as it first used to. I think the main reason is because I write everyday, even at a minimal capacity.

In the barest of bones, writing is a skill. Like any skill, the only way to improve is through dedicated practice (more on skills here). Dedicated practice hones my ability to write.

I looked at my first post (check it out here) and it pales in comparison to my recent works. I am improving, albeit slightly. These slight improvements continue to stack until writer’s block is basically nonexistent.

There you have it. I have completed my article. I feel like I can sleep well tonight. I think I’ve written a winner here.

Remember, don’t force anything. If you have insomnia, you can’t force yourself to sleep. If you are truly stuck, I implore you to try out the previous techniques. They have helped me in the past and even through this current block.

How do you overcome the dreaded block? Did any of these tips help you? Please comment below. My readers and I value your input. Thank you in advance.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

Five Things To Do Everyday.

Ugh, what a simplistic title. I try my best to come up with eye-catching titles for each article. This one is plain stupid.

I wish I could say, “Do these things and your life will be great.” Sadly, this may not work for everyone, but it works for me. These are the things that I implement into my daily routine that make my life slightly happier each day. They may work for you as well.

1) The Bed is Calling

The majority of the population is over-worked and under-rested. Sleep is such an important aspect of our lives that we often overlook. Instead of sleeping, we waste time watching television, endlessly browsing our Twitter/Facebook feeds and wasting away on Pinterest. I am guilty of this on occasion.


When sleep is overlooked, I am cranky, tired and unable to properly function. I can’t think straight, my eyes burn and I am just overall unproductive. Adequate sleep has become the clinch-pin in my everyday routine. Sleep at least eight hours a day. You owe it to yourself and your body.

2) BBW

Simple put, knowledge is power. Your brain is the greatest muscle you possess. Be A Book Worm. I think it is safe to say that everyone can benefit from more reading. There is simply no such thing as ‘too much reading.’

Reading has opened up my world to an innumerable amount of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The more I read, the more I feel in control. I can control what information I consume.

Try and read everyday. I personally enjoy non-fiction books. I feel like I need to learn something from a novel or it is a waste of my time. Also, I have a severe lack of imagination, making imagery terribly difficult.

3) A Page a Day

Write every single day. Try to write at least one page a day. I feel like I’ve been writing forever. It started with really angsty teenage poems, helping through my breakups, to some form of a journal, finally to this blog. Now, this is my primary source of writing everyday and I love it.

Writing is a daunting task at first. What do I write about, you ask? Write about your day, your thoughts and feelings today, an interesting/memorable story that occurred, your goals/aspirations, etc. There is an endless amount of topics.

The writing does not have to be “novelist level.” Just enough to get all your thoughts and feelings on paper. Expressing your thoughts is incredibly important. Unfortunately, twitter does not count as an avenue.

4) Easy Chemicals

Laughter is another over-looked, under-fulfilled aspect of many peoples’ lives. Everyday, we are struck with anxieties, fears, deadlines, and pressures of the world. So do the exact opposite of that.

Simply laugh. Laughter releases valuable oxytocin (pleasure hormone) in your brain. It’s like having a series of miniature orgasms. Need I say more?

I fit something funny everyday into my routine. Watching standup is one of my favorite pass times. Look up the works of Eddie Murphy, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle. They are some of my favorites and offer some quality laughs.

5) Simple Words

“You can catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar” – Anonymous

I’m not quite sure, why you would ever want to catch flies, but I love the quote. In a world, where criticism and negative thoughts flood, compliments are infrequent and seldom.

Showing even a mild form of gratitude or compliment can absolutely brighten up ones’ day, but it’s rarely said. Why? I don’t understand it. I feel good when someone says something nice to me. I should repay the favour.

Spend some time everyday expressing your gratitude to somebody. Pick up the phone and thank someone for a favor, return an email that has been sitting in your inbox or turn to the person next to you and compliment his or her hair.

A few words make a huge difference in ones’ life, so why not make them positive.

In all honesty, I do not know if this will work for you. These are aspects of my daily practice that craves to be completed. Sometimes, I do not complete them all. On those days, I feel like I robbed myself of something.

The times I do complete them, I feel like I can tackle another day. I can move forward towards the next task in higher spirits. I am selfish today because this post was mostly for me. This was written to remind me of the things I will do to be better today and everyday.

I can improve and it all starts with completing the five things to do everyday.