How To Do Heroin Legally

When I got laser eye surgery, the specialist gave me Percocet for the pain. Percocet is an opiate and similar to heroin.

I was in a happy glaze. I felt like I was floating without a care in the world. Then two things happened. First, the Percocet wore off and I felt everything, all in one painful surge.

Second, I called the optometrist and demanded more Percocet. “It’s extremely addictive,” he said. “Don’t worry about that,” I said. Still though, no more Percocet.

Percocet, like heroin, releases endorphins (shortened term for endogenous morphine). Endorphins are basically heroin, but it occurs naturally. No need for needles, pills or anything.

Percocet is terrible for liver, but this endogenous morphine. It’s interesting. It’s considered a ‘happy’ hormone, so imagine releasing it progressively throughout the day.

The Approach

There always seems to be some mention of a girl in my articles. This particular girl I’ve seen at the gym. She’s beautiful and Spanish. All week, I convinced myself to talk to her and backed out at the last moment.

I kicked myself in the ass. Finally, on Friday I talked to her. We had a great conversation, but with my bad luck, this was her last day in Canada (she was trying to learn English), and she was moving back to Costa Rica FOREVER (I got her Costa Rican phone number).

Even with the terrible news, I came out of that situation with a high. I’ve never done heroin (I hate needles), but, after the conversation, it felt euphoric. I found myself in the same happy daze that the Percocet gave me.

Were these endorphins? Most likely. I love that feeling. That feeling of accomplishment, of worthiness, of confidence.


That feeling is still in my body, several days later. I still feel like I am on a high.

Apparently one way to trigger endorphins is under extreme stress. Endorphins are released and produce a high that reduces stress. For instance, you can survive in the jungle when the lion is chasing you.

The same phenomenon occurs for “Runner’s High.” You start running or exercising and just before the point of exhaustion, you get a sudden burst of energy to keep going.

So how do you naturally produce heroin:

A) Stress yourself out with a timeframe

Put a time limit on the stress factor. The final moments before I actually approached the girl, I said to myself, “I will talk to that girl in five minutes!”

As the seconds passed, the stress increased. But on the fourth minute, I felt a warm energy circulating around my body. I felt like a different person, a more energized person.

So next time you have to ask your boss for a raise or ask that girl out or speak in public, set a timeframe. Endorphins are released when you stress out. Stress with a time frame and you will feel a surge.

B) Exercise

Exercise releases all your stored energy (glucose) in your body. When you run out of that stored energy, Runner’s high kicks in.

The satisfaction of exercise has amazing benefits to the body (not just in a physical way).

C) Avoid Grains

I’m not going to tell you what to eat. You can eat whatever you want. Personally, I avoid all grains. Grains are essentially glucose, so reduce the grains, reduce the glucose.

If you go to the grocery store, probably 90% of the products have some sort of processed grain product in it.

Since runner’s high comes when you deplete the body of stored glucose, one way to release consistent endorphins would be to reduce the amount of glucose and be more active. Less sugars, less grains, and a little bit of exercise.

D) Sex

Have you noticed when you have some sort of pain that you don’t feel it when you are having sex? Sex is an amazing way to release endorphins.

The people who release happy chemicals during sex are the ones who have sex more.

E) Laughter

It’s not surprise that laughter releases endorphins. Laughter is even sometimes called “inner jogging” (runner’s high). The more you laugh, the more natural heroin in your body.

I watch at least an hour of comedy (usually standup) everyday for that high.

F) Socialize

This used to be hard for me. I wasn’t a very social person. As a kid, you run and climb the jungle gym and play. You scream and laugh.

As an adult, I don’t do that anymore, but I need to start. Socializing releases endorphins.

It makes sense. Who is more likely to catch the lion in the jungle? The individual or the group of people who can work together?

In fact, we started moving up the food chain because we developed social skills. We were given the ability to gossip. Jack could tell Jill that Steve was an okay guy. Suddenly Jack and Steve could hunt together even if they didn’t know each other – simply because Jill was a gossip.

Socializing doesn’t mean going to work-related meetings and networking. Personally, it means playing, sharing, talking, and laughing.

The good thing about endorphins is that it’s completely natural. No needles. No pills. No addiction necessary. What can go wrong if you laugh, play, have sex, socialize, exercise and avoid grains everyday?

Note that money is not mentioned on this list. Money is a byproduct of a healthy life. The way to obtain money is to ensure that everything else is operating at full capacity.

Ergo, more endorphins, more money.

Consistently releasing endorphins will make you happier person overall. You can ignore all the other self-help porn if you just do the above items and release endorphins everyday.

For me, I will continue to talk to girls to preserve this amazing feeling.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

Make Your Mind A Negative FREE Zone

What a nightmare.

I was face to face with my mortal enemy, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

I could feel my blood boiling, my heart racing, and my adrenaline pumping. I tried to tell myself to stay calm, but I was shaking with anger.

I was finding myself in this situation more and more often since his family had moved in with my girlfriend’s family. Talk about a universal joke on everyone involved.

My girlfriend at the time had more reason to hate him than I did, I have no idea how she dealt with it.

I always hated that I felt all this anger towards him, but he felt nothing.

No matter how much I held his image in my mind, wishing all manner of evil towards him, he was unaffected.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”
-Mark Twain

That is how anger works.

You are the only one who is affected by your anger. No matter how justified it is, you have to deal with consequences of your negative thoughts.

Your frame of mind will decay and you will torment yourself the longer you continue this destructive thinking.

This is the same for all negative thinking or emotions.

If you are envious of someone, you feel the negativity and their lives are unchanged.

Apply this thinking to any pessimistic emotions you have and you will see this is always the result.

You can’t avoid everyone who will drag you down or rile you up.

But no matter how much they get to you, I want you to stop thinking about them and stop talking about them.

Not because they deserve to get off scot free, this isn’t for their benefit, but because you deserve to be happy.

Imagine your mind is your bed room.

Your thoughts are the posters and knickknacks you decorate it with.

Would you ever cover your room in pictures of people you hate? Would you ever allow any object into your room that upsets you?

So why are you letting so much of this garbage into your mind? After all, you are in your mind every moment of every day.

I am firm believer that negativity can only breed more negativity. If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.

Keep your mind clean for your own benefit.

Decorate it with everything that invigorates and uplifts you.

The world outside can drag you down at every turn, don’t drag yourself down on the inside as well.


I wrote this a couple of days ago and something weird happened last night.
I saw my old “Mortal Enemy” again.

I was going to an event to support a friend who is a DJ and as I walked in I recognized the security guard.
It was him.

You can call it a coincidence, but whatever it was, it was weird. I saw in his eyes that he wanted peace, and so did I.

After all the time and energy I wasted, after all the negativity I allowed into my life, it meant nothing.

Peace in your mind creates peace in your life.
And you deserve a peaceful life.


Three questions that will save you countless hours

We can see them standing together inside the kitchen. “It still hurts my stomach.” he said.

Well, he said something to that affect anyway. We were both drunk. He didn’t like seeing them together and was hoping for an empathetic response.

“It’s none of your business anymore, don’t let it affect you.”

Sorry. That’s the best I’ve got.

There will always be certain realities or aspects of your life that you aren’t happy about. It’s even worse when you spend so much of your time brooding and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Sometimes it isn’t important, sometimes it has little relevance to your life moving forward but you get stuck on it.

We have to be ruthless with our thoughts or they will take hold of us.

Don’t let thoughts that can’t help you, control you.

In the past I have spent an atrocious amount of time brooding over things I can’t change.

I started asking myself three questions whenever presented with something uncomfortable, so that I can either do something about it, or get rid of it.

Is this relevant?

Is this something that is actually relevant to your life and your future?

When asking yourself this question you may realize that most of your problems aren’t. Most of the time my answer is “I guess not, but it upsets me.”

Once you have labeled this situation as irrelevant you might find it easier to put it out of your mind. Just keep reminding yourself that in the end, it has no real relevance.

Is it important?

Sometimes the things that make us uncomfortable are relevant to our life. What do you do then?

Ask yourself, is it really that important? In the grand scheme of things is this something big, or small?

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. If it’s not important, push it out the door.

Those two are easy, now it’s time for the hard question.

Your situation might be relevant and it might be very important, but if you can’t do anything about it you will have to painfully remove it from your head.

Is it actionable?

The worst feelings come from this question. That feeling in my friends stomach, it was because it was relevant to him and it was important to him.

But he couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

There was nothing he could do to turn the current situation into the one that he wanted. I truly did feel for him.

If you can’t do anything about a situation, you will eventually have to come to peace with that. You might as well try to speed up that process as much as you can so you can get back to enjoying life.

If you ask yourself these questions and the predicament you are in doesn’t meet all three criteria, it’s probably best to accept it and move on. You’ll thank yourself later.



A Guide To The Most Important Thing In Your Life

We all want a lot of things in our lives.

We want financial freedom, love, travel, good health, family, accomplishment and much more. The only problem is when you pursue one of these, you lose time that you could have spent pursuing one of the others.

I like to simplify things as much as possible, it makes life easier. So I pursue one thing that will lead me to each of those things listed above. Call me efficient, call me lazy, but I want to try and make things easy for myself if possible.

So what do I focus on to help me reach all of my goals?
My personal energy.


How do you make decisions based on personal energy?

Your personal energy encompasses your mood, wakefulness, how excited you are and how positive you are, among other things. I will say it is anything that uplifts you mentally or physically.

I absolutely HATE shopping with a passion. It steals both my mental and physical energy. It drains me.

When I go to Walmart and I can’t find what I am looking for, or worse yet I don’t know what I’m looking for, it is only a matter of time before I am completely drained. At that point I just want to sit down and give up.

Some people love shopping and if that is the case then you would gain energy when you shop. Everyone has different energy boosters and drainers.

Since shopping is a drain for me I choose to write things that I need over a period of about a month and then go out and get all of them in one shopping session.

This way I know exactly what I need and only go shopping once a month. If I had to go out more often I’d be drained a lot more.

That is just one example of making decisions based on personal energy, but you get the point. You can apply this to what job you decide to take, whether you go out with friends, what movies you watch and pretty much anything else.

Try to do more of the things that boost your personal energy, and less of what drains it.

When you have energy everything improves.

Making decisions that keep your personal energy in mind will make everything you do in life slightly better.

Just think about it, when you are in a good mood you tend to work better. It causes you to have a better perspective, more resilience and you deal with people better.

Just imagine doing a job that you love versus a job that you hate.

When you imagine yourself doing the thing you enjoy, you probably see yourself working super hard and being proud of everything you do. If you fail, you are excited to try again.

When you see yourself at the job you hate, you probably feel the weight it would put on the rest of your life. You would dread every moment.

But sometimes you have to do things you don’t like to, things that drain you. I have a full time job that drains me sometimes. This is why you have to keep your personal energy in mind in other aspects of your life.

Waking up early and having a good breakfast increases my energy ten fold. Going to the gym has the same effect. Having breakfast helps me prepare for my work day and going to the gym helps me relax and allows me to enjoy myself after work.

Your energy affects everyone around you as well.

light spread

You already know this, though you may not have noticed it.

When an upset person walks into a room, they dampen everyone’s mood around them. You immediately feel the weight of their negative energy on your shoulders. It makes everything a little more awkward and painful.

On the other hand when someone who is full of relentlessly positive energy walks into a room everyone gets an immediate boost.

We all have that one friend who never seems to be upset. When they show up everyone says hi, hugs are thrown around, and people are generally happier.
Smiles everywhere!

When you become a person who is a source of good energy you improve all of your relationships.

How to increase your physical energy.

This is relatively simple, treat your body with respect.

1) Give your body the sleep it deserves, get at least eight hours each night. If you do this you will instantly give yourself a big boost to your physical energy.

2) Give your body food that will nourish it. Don’t feed it things that will upset your stomach or cause extreme ups and downs in energy. We all know how it feels after we have too much fast food in one sitting. You end up feeling bloated and lazy with an upset stomach.

3) Work your body a little bit each day, give it some sort of exercise. This could be anything from a full five day gym routine to simply going on walks every morning. This will keep you moderately in shape and your body will thank you for it.

Good health leads to good energy, so treat your body with respect and it will return the favor. Most of this is common sense.

How to increase your mental energy.

This one is a little more complicated.

1) Do things you enjoy as often as possible. I love writing so I try to fit writing into every day. It balances me out. After I write something that I am proud of I get an energy boost for the rest of the day, guaranteed.

I also like the gym, music, reading, walks, and looking at quotes. Whenever I feel drained I have a go-to list of things I can do to get a boost of energy.

2) Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you. When you have negative people in your life they can bring you down. When you have positive people in your life they can turn your whole day around with one comment.

Try to find people who encourage you and put more positive than negative into your relationship.

3) Avoid stress as much as possible. This one can be hard, but as long as you side step as much stress as you possibly can you will have more personal energy. Be aware and take note of anything or anyone that causes you stress. Try to reduce the role they play or amount of time you spend on these things.

A side note: Mental space.

This is a very similar topic and it relates very closely to the mental side of personal energy.

I believe that you can only be thinking/focusing on one thing at a time. I often have days where I think about one thing 70% of the time.

Usually this is not something that will improve my life or make me happy. Most of the time it is something I am stressing over, or something I am upset about such as a lousy person in my life. 

You have to be very careful what you allow to take up your mental space. If you let the wrong things take up too much space you will drain your energy faster than you would think possible.

Any time spent thinking about negative things is less time you could spend thinking about positive things.

no negative

Focus on improving your personal energy and things will fall into place.

This is one of my main philosophies. I hope it helps you to accomplish your goals and put more quality into every aspect of your life. I also hope it helps to make you a more generally happier person.

After writing this I have so much energy. With this wind pushing my sails I think my day will be a good one.

Let’s meet up one day and you can tell me what gives you energy.
After all, spending time with good people always gives me a boost.

Don't stress it!

I was in a war yesterday.

It was me against stress. I’ll be honest, stress won this time. I let it affect me for the whole day. It caused me to think negatively and I became temperamental. It happens to everyone, but this isn’t a side of me that I like very much.

I wish there was a way I could think myself out of stress. When I get home, I always realize that everything is okay. The world hasn’t ended.

But that’s what it felt like all day. The world was ending, crumbling around me. It’s so dramatic, but when you get caught up in the moment it can feel like you are drowning. All you want is a breath of fresh air.


Stress can have an extremely negative impact on your life.

Everyone deals with stress differently, but I think it is safe to say that you are not your normal self when you are stressed out. You might become agitated, you may treat people worse and become more susceptible to mood swings.

If you are someone who is stressed out on a daily basis, it can define you as a person. I’m sure we all know one person who spends way too much time being stressed out by life. Either they worry about work too much, or their relationships are affecting them negatively.

Whatever the case may be, we know that stress definitely doesn’t do any good for ourselves.

Sometimes you can’t avoid being stressed, but you can try to dampen it.

Whenever you find you are starting to stress about something, I want you to think back to all the times you have felt the same way. It eventually ended, didn’t it? You are still here, alive and breathing.

So you know at the very least that this probably won’t kill you. That is something to be happy about right?

Take thirty seconds to stop what you are doing and breathe. Focus on your breath and feel it deep within your stomach. This always helps me. No matter what you are doing, you almost always have thirty seconds to spare.

I have one trick that is kind of weird.

I imagine myself ten years in the future, at a bar with friends. Everyone is laughing. We are talking about how funny it is that we used to think everything was such a big deal.

Then I break out my story about the current situation I am in and how trivial it really was. Of course everyone dies of laughter because the future me is hilarious.

Stress and I are like sparring partners.

Every time I experience stress, I take it as a chance to learn how to beat it more effectively. I start to learn his tendencies and tricks. I think I’m getting better, but I guess I’ll find out the next time we meet.
Until then, I’ll try not to take life so seriously.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.”
-Charlie Chaplin