How To Do Heroin Legally

When I got laser eye surgery, the specialist gave me Percocet for the pain. Percocet is an opiate and similar to heroin.

I was in a happy glaze. I felt like I was floating without a care in the world. Then two things happened. First, the Percocet wore off and I felt everything, all in one painful surge.

Second, I called the optometrist and demanded more Percocet. “It’s extremely addictive,” he said. “Don’t worry about that,” I said. Still though, no more Percocet.

Percocet, like heroin, releases endorphins (shortened term for endogenous morphine). Endorphins are basically heroin, but it occurs naturally. No need for needles, pills or anything.

Percocet is terrible for liver, but this endogenous morphine. It’s interesting. It’s considered a ‘happy’ hormone, so imagine releasing it progressively throughout the day.

The Approach

There always seems to be some mention of a girl in my articles. This particular girl I’ve seen at the gym. She’s beautiful and Spanish. All week, I convinced myself to talk to her and backed out at the last moment.

I kicked myself in the ass. Finally, on Friday I talked to her. We had a great conversation, but with my bad luck, this was her last day in Canada (she was trying to learn English), and she was moving back to Costa Rica FOREVER (I got her Costa Rican phone number).

Even with the terrible news, I came out of that situation with a high. I’ve never done heroin (I hate needles), but, after the conversation, it felt euphoric. I found myself in the same happy daze that the Percocet gave me.

Were these endorphins? Most likely. I love that feeling. That feeling of accomplishment, of worthiness, of confidence.


That feeling is still in my body, several days later. I still feel like I am on a high.

Apparently one way to trigger endorphins is under extreme stress. Endorphins are released and produce a high that reduces stress. For instance, you can survive in the jungle when the lion is chasing you.

The same phenomenon occurs for “Runner’s High.” You start running or exercising and just before the point of exhaustion, you get a sudden burst of energy to keep going.

So how do you naturally produce heroin:

A) Stress yourself out with a timeframe

Put a time limit on the stress factor. The final moments before I actually approached the girl, I said to myself, “I will talk to that girl in five minutes!”

As the seconds passed, the stress increased. But on the fourth minute, I felt a warm energy circulating around my body. I felt like a different person, a more energized person.

So next time you have to ask your boss for a raise or ask that girl out or speak in public, set a timeframe. Endorphins are released when you stress out. Stress with a time frame and you will feel a surge.

B) Exercise

Exercise releases all your stored energy (glucose) in your body. When you run out of that stored energy, Runner’s high kicks in.

The satisfaction of exercise has amazing benefits to the body (not just in a physical way).

C) Avoid Grains

I’m not going to tell you what to eat. You can eat whatever you want. Personally, I avoid all grains. Grains are essentially glucose, so reduce the grains, reduce the glucose.

If you go to the grocery store, probably 90% of the products have some sort of processed grain product in it.

Since runner’s high comes when you deplete the body of stored glucose, one way to release consistent endorphins would be to reduce the amount of glucose and be more active. Less sugars, less grains, and a little bit of exercise.

D) Sex

Have you noticed when you have some sort of pain that you don’t feel it when you are having sex? Sex is an amazing way to release endorphins.

The people who release happy chemicals during sex are the ones who have sex more.

E) Laughter

It’s not surprise that laughter releases endorphins. Laughter is even sometimes called “inner jogging” (runner’s high). The more you laugh, the more natural heroin in your body.

I watch at least an hour of comedy (usually standup) everyday for that high.

F) Socialize

This used to be hard for me. I wasn’t a very social person. As a kid, you run and climb the jungle gym and play. You scream and laugh.

As an adult, I don’t do that anymore, but I need to start. Socializing releases endorphins.

It makes sense. Who is more likely to catch the lion in the jungle? The individual or the group of people who can work together?

In fact, we started moving up the food chain because we developed social skills. We were given the ability to gossip. Jack could tell Jill that Steve was an okay guy. Suddenly Jack and Steve could hunt together even if they didn’t know each other – simply because Jill was a gossip.

Socializing doesn’t mean going to work-related meetings and networking. Personally, it means playing, sharing, talking, and laughing.

The good thing about endorphins is that it’s completely natural. No needles. No pills. No addiction necessary. What can go wrong if you laugh, play, have sex, socialize, exercise and avoid grains everyday?

Note that money is not mentioned on this list. Money is a byproduct of a healthy life. The way to obtain money is to ensure that everything else is operating at full capacity.

Ergo, more endorphins, more money.

Consistently releasing endorphins will make you happier person overall. You can ignore all the other self-help porn if you just do the above items and release endorphins everyday.

For me, I will continue to talk to girls to preserve this amazing feeling.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

3 Skills To Improve Your Life

The previous post outlined that learning skills are important for success. I whole-heartedly believe that. However, some skills are significantly more valuable than others.

Some skills are rated higher than others. Some skills are used more often than others. In this post, I’d like to outline three of, what I think are, the most valuable skills to improve your life.

Building Skills

1) Public Speaking 

The majority of people have serious anxieties speaking to large groups. The entire process is intimidating. What if they boo? What if they laugh at you, instead of with you?

The majority of people avoid public speaking at all costs, but I feel it is an important skill to learn and improve. Firstly, if you can speak well in public, you are set above the majority of the population (that’s a HUGE advantage).

Try joining a Toastmaster’s program. They are a large public speaking group that I found extremely helpful. I had a post on public speaking earlier in my writing ‘career’ about improving public speaking.

2) Accounting

Basic accounting skills are so important as an ‘adult.’ You need to keep track of your money on a basic spreadsheet (at the very least).

Every year, during tax season I see my friends scramble to H&R Block to get their taxes done. They have no idea if they’re getting the correct return or that they are overspending for something that can be easily done in your underwear.

If you do not know basic accounting, how are you supposed to verify accounting agencies? I don’t feel comfortable trusting anyone (let alone a large corporation) with my money.

Basic accounting skills can be learned easily with a two day course (that most places offer for free) and through YouTube. Lastly, TurboTax (these companies seriously need to pay me for these endorsements) is an excellent resource for filing taxes in your underwear.

C) Conversation

“Wait a minute, Leroy. Conversation is the same as public speaking.”

I would disagree. Public speaking is more geared to groups. Conversation is for the one-on-one interaction. Too many people are buried in their cellphones and social media.

People have forgotten the lost art of conversation and shudder at the thought of having any human interaction. Most people just talk, which is not the same as conversation.

Conversationalists have learned techniques that are surprisingly nonobvious to most people. The core secret to conversations is introducing yourself and asking questions until you find mutual interests.

Most people want to talk about themselves. This is not a bad trait. In fact, it makes the conversation skill surprising easy to grasp. Ask questions and allow the recipient to answer.

Find common ground and establish a relationship.

Conversations are important to befriend, plan, exchange information, persuade, seduce (to have sex), entertain and form lasting relationships. Too few people have a grasp on strong conversational skills.

Just remember to smile, ask questions, and allow the stranger to talk. Everyone likes to talk about his or her life, and everyone appreciates a sympathetic listener.

Out of fear for making this post too long, I will end the skills here. There are so many more important skills to improve on. If you have any valuable skills, leave a comment below and I will write another article for a future piece.

Be bold, be free, and love on.