Let Me Clarify: The Routine

My recent article was written on the importance of creating and having a routine. I received a lot of feedback on the topic. One of which prompted this article.

I should have prefaced that article with ‘this works for me.’ Routine and schedules really do work for me. They help me organize my day, achieve my goals and grow stronger.

But that doesn’t mean that it will work for you. If you are the type of person that hates routine, creating a routine is the opposite of good advice. Routines may make you feel like a monotonous robot.

Wake-Up-And-Smell-The-RoutineYou may feel like you doing the same thing over and over again. Before you know it, you are old and grey with nothing but lists filled with daily routines. My goal is to try and convince the naysayers.

Sometimes, routines are bad. It allows you to drift into bad habits and, once they are set, routines make them almost impossible to break. If you are stuck in the routine of smoking after dinner then you will continue to do it.

You cannot allow yourself get stuck in bad habits and past mistakes. The bad routines and habits are self-reinforcing because of the immediate gratification of giving in.

Routine to Remedy Bad Habits

Forcing yourself to formulate a routine is beneficial because you are able to evaluate and remedy the bad habits. Once you’ve identified your bad habits and where you weaknesses lie, a strong routine can help you remedy that problem.

vegeta-dragon-ball-z-15120When I was overweight, one of the biggest things I discovered was night eating. I used to eat junk food very close to bedtime because my nightly routine consisted of watching Dragon Ball Z.

When I figured that out, I immediately tried to cut that out. I broke the habit by switching around the routine. I moved the television time to earlier in the day and slowly curbed the junk food.

How Can You Figure Out What To Include?

It seems difficult to figure out what you want in your routine. First you have to decide who you want to be in 3 months. 6 months? One year? Once you’ve figured out your goals, develop a routine around that.

For example, before I launched this blog, I decided prior that I wanted to post my thoughts to the masses. At the time, I did not consider any specific medium.

I implemented writing every single day as part of my daily routine. It gave me the opportunity to improve my writing and develop a niche.

Figure your goals and develop yourself around that. If you want to get in shape and the only free time you have is in the morning, develop a routine that allows you sleep earlier to allow your body to wake well rested earlier in the morning.

I implore you to start today. Write down your goals, where you want to be and how you hope to get there. Develop a routine around it. You will thank yourself in a future.

What do you think about routines now naysayers? Leave a comment below, my readers and I would love to hear from you. Lastly, check out my YouTube channel!

Be bold, be free, and love on.

Equip Yourself With A Routine

I greatly value my days off. It’s incredibly rare when I have a day with absolutely nothing to do. Even then, I always have something planned.

I find it incredibly weird that I had so much free time as a kid and did literally nothing. My life comprised of eating, video games and sleeping (in that order). Nothing really was on the ‘important’ list.


However, now I have very little free time but it is incredibly treasured. I usually know what is planned for the entire day and I have a list of things to accomplish.

We all have a very loosely based routine. Mine started with the morning, where I had a concise order of things I did everyday. My mornings went smoothly with no real breaks in it. It felt good. I started to implement a daily routine in my life.

Having a strong routine gives you a sense of control over your life, it allows you to manage your time better and it provides a healthy balance between work and play.

Before the Routine

The clinch pin before any routine is sleep. Strong sleeping habits will allow you to tackle all the life challenges, goals and your desires. Sleep is an undervalued factor in most peoples’ lives.

I will never understand the person that says that they can function on 4 hours of sleep. I simply respectfully disagree. 8-9 hours of sleep is what I need to function optimally.


Equally as important is a proper sleep schedule. Try to get to bed and wake up around the same time everyday. It doesn’t have to be exact like some sort of robot, but roughly around the same time.

Achieving a proper schedule allows you to plan out your next day smoothly. It also allows for higher energy levels and an overall better sense of time.

Forming the Routine

Routine building can be a hard task. You don’t want to feel like a monotonous robot endlessly checking away calendar days. You want some spice in your life. I understand your point of view.

My idea of routine includes everything. I personally have time for work, hobbies, friends, and ‘me’ time. Everything I need, is satisfied before the days’ end.

When I started to build a routine I wrote down all the things I needed to do in a day. I needed to see my friends, I needed some ‘me’ time, I needed to work towards goals, I needed some time for hobbies, and I needed money (I don’t need to work).

Knowing exactly what I wanted from each day helped build the routine. It allowed me to be truly satisfied with each day. As I checked things off my routine list, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Find a routine that works for you. What do you want in your daily routine? Write down all your things you need to do and want to do. Dedicate some time for each thing everyday.

As you complete them, cross them off (physically or mentally). As you start to form a routine, mix in new things. You’ll find yourself having more opportunities to mix in things you’d never thought you’d be doing.

There is a lot of power in a routine, mainly time management. The routine allows you dramatically increase your time management skills find that healthy balance in your life.

I puttered away a lot of time when I was younger. Was it a waste? Definitely. I feel like I am better off now with a routine than before.

You tell me. What are your thoughts on routines? Do you have a routine? If not, why? What does your routine consist of? Please leave a comment below. My readers and I would love to hear from you.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

Five Things To Do Everyday.

Ugh, what a simplistic title. I try my best to come up with eye-catching titles for each article. This one is plain stupid.

I wish I could say, “Do these things and your life will be great.” Sadly, this may not work for everyone, but it works for me. These are the things that I implement into my daily routine that make my life slightly happier each day. They may work for you as well.

1) The Bed is Calling

The majority of the population is over-worked and under-rested. Sleep is such an important aspect of our lives that we often overlook. Instead of sleeping, we waste time watching television, endlessly browsing our Twitter/Facebook feeds and wasting away on Pinterest. I am guilty of this on occasion.


When sleep is overlooked, I am cranky, tired and unable to properly function. I can’t think straight, my eyes burn and I am just overall unproductive. Adequate sleep has become the clinch-pin in my everyday routine. Sleep at least eight hours a day. You owe it to yourself and your body.

2) BBW

Simple put, knowledge is power. Your brain is the greatest muscle you possess. Be A Book Worm. I think it is safe to say that everyone can benefit from more reading. There is simply no such thing as ‘too much reading.’

Reading has opened up my world to an innumerable amount of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The more I read, the more I feel in control. I can control what information I consume.

Try and read everyday. I personally enjoy non-fiction books. I feel like I need to learn something from a novel or it is a waste of my time. Also, I have a severe lack of imagination, making imagery terribly difficult.

3) A Page a Day

Write every single day. Try to write at least one page a day. I feel like I’ve been writing forever. It started with really angsty teenage poems, helping through my breakups, to some form of a journal, finally to this blog. Now, this is my primary source of writing everyday and I love it.

Writing is a daunting task at first. What do I write about, you ask? Write about your day, your thoughts and feelings today, an interesting/memorable story that occurred, your goals/aspirations, etc. There is an endless amount of topics.

The writing does not have to be “novelist level.” Just enough to get all your thoughts and feelings on paper. Expressing your thoughts is incredibly important. Unfortunately, twitter does not count as an avenue.

4) Easy Chemicals

Laughter is another over-looked, under-fulfilled aspect of many peoples’ lives. Everyday, we are struck with anxieties, fears, deadlines, and pressures of the world. So do the exact opposite of that.

Simply laugh. Laughter releases valuable oxytocin (pleasure hormone) in your brain. It’s like having a series of miniature orgasms. Need I say more?

I fit something funny everyday into my routine. Watching standup is one of my favorite pass times. Look up the works of Eddie Murphy, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle. They are some of my favorites and offer some quality laughs.

5) Simple Words

“You can catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar” – Anonymous

I’m not quite sure, why you would ever want to catch flies, but I love the quote. In a world, where criticism and negative thoughts flood, compliments are infrequent and seldom.

Showing even a mild form of gratitude or compliment can absolutely brighten up ones’ day, but it’s rarely said. Why? I don’t understand it. I feel good when someone says something nice to me. I should repay the favour.

Spend some time everyday expressing your gratitude to somebody. Pick up the phone and thank someone for a favor, return an email that has been sitting in your inbox or turn to the person next to you and compliment his or her hair.

A few words make a huge difference in ones’ life, so why not make them positive.

In all honesty, I do not know if this will work for you. These are aspects of my daily practice that craves to be completed. Sometimes, I do not complete them all. On those days, I feel like I robbed myself of something.

The times I do complete them, I feel like I can tackle another day. I can move forward towards the next task in higher spirits. I am selfish today because this post was mostly for me. This was written to remind me of the things I will do to be better today and everyday.

I can improve and it all starts with completing the five things to do everyday.