4 People We Must Avoid AT ALL COSTS.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

Well, I think it’s more like ten to fifteen. The ten to fifteen people we see the most have the greatest impact on us.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people changes our perceptions. As our social groups encourages, pushes and lifts us up, our own system does the same for them.

Conversely, toxic individuals are completely exhausting to be around. When we surround ourselves with negative people, it will take a toll on our mind and body.

Eventually it seeps in and consumes us. Slowly, we become complainers, judgers, gossipers, and victims.

The distractions and emotional baggage that toxic people bring into our lives are unnecessary obstacles that we must inevitably cross.

We all know a few toxic people – they might be our distant co-workers, family spouses, or our closest friends. Even a modicum of regular contact with these people influence our decisions and thought processes.

The sooner we remove them from our lives, the better. Here are four toxic individuals that we must avoid at all costs.

The Complainers

It seems that everyone has something to complain about. Even when life is completely amazing, these individuals find something to rant about – the weather, crime rates, global warming, etc.

Even for trivial issues, these individuals find something. It seems that they create problems when everything seems to be great, just to possess the right to complain.

As we consume others’ complaints, we forget how good our lives are and we begin to create problems out of thin air.

Avoid The Complainers at all costs.

The Judgers

Judgmental people will find a way to criticize anything and everything they come in contact with. They draw conclusions without understanding all the facts.

These individuals believe that they’re right in every situation. They feel like they have the right to impose their views on others.

No matter what we say to these individuals, nothing can be changed. Save your breath and your life.

Avoid The Judgers at all cost.

The Gossipers

People gossip because they feel insecure with themselves and their lives. They cannot separate fact from speculation and when facts twisted, wrong information is spread out, and peoples’ feelings get hurt.

Gossiping can quickly change a friendly environment into a hostile environment. As people begin to gossip to us, we should change the subject or ignore them completely.

We must ask ourselves, ‘do I want to partake in hurting someone’s feelings?’

The answer to that question should always be a resounding ‘no.’

Avoid The Gossipers at all cost.

The Victims

These individuals never take responsibility for their actions. They are constantly making excuses or blaming others for their mistakes and wrongdoings.

They feel like the world has a personal vendetta against them and choose to lie down and give up.

As these individuals experience further turmoil, it’s just more reason to play the damaged victim.

When you surround yourself with these people, you internalize a victim attitude. You begin to perceive the world as evil and never accept responsibility for your actions.

Avoid The Victims at all costs.

The Four

If any of these toxic individuals ring a bell, there is a high chance that you have one or more of these people in your life.

These four individuals consume our minds from the inside, out. As we constantly receive their messages, we start to identify with people.

When we turn into these people, we start to negatively impact those that close with us.

Pessimism breeds more pessimism.

However, the same can be said for optimism. As we surround ourselves with optimistic people, we, in turn, become optimistic. We spread our positive energy to those closest to us.

Pessimism and optimism are a choice. Which one do you choose to surround yourself with? Which one do you choose to spread to the rest of the world?

Until next time, my beautiful readers,

Be bold, be free, and love on.


39 thoughts on “4 People We Must Avoid AT ALL COSTS.

  1. I think I am guilty of all of these more or less- it’s something I’ve been working on fixing! I don’t want to be one of *those* people, there are much better things to be known for doing. Thanks for this article. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for this. I have been in a self reflective state of mind and I must say I do practice some of these habits. What’s crazy is I am my own worst enemy. I judge myself hard and complain about the place I feel stuck in knowing all along I chose those things for myself. Never mind just dealing with other people but to practice those same destructive habits towards myself. Geesh. No wonder I feel the way I feel. I must not become the person I should not be around.

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    1. I’m good at playing the victim. “I drank because I was sexually abused as a child, so it’s not my fault I was an alcoholic” (but praise me for getting sober), “I ate because I was depressed” (but give me a pat on the head for losing weight).

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    2. You know, the first step is realizing it. The very fact that you understand that about yourself is amazing! No one is perfect EVER, so you’re making the right moves in the right direction! 🙂

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    1. It’s difficult but sometimes avoidance is the only outcome. Toxic relationships comes in various forms, some are easier to cut out than others, but limiting contact with someone that doesn’t make your life better, someone that doesn’t add true value isn’t worth having.

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  3. One way or the other I fell in this trap. It is a bad state to be in. I realized and managed to get right up. My advice would be even if you fall, don’t stay down. Get up and ware a optimistic gown.
    Thanks for sharing this. Loved it.
    God bless 2helpfulguys.

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    1. Don’t stay down is one of the best pieces of advice that you’ve given me mom. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this. You’ve taught me so much and I am the person I am today, solely because of you.


  4. Reblogged this on kanochromia and commented:
    We are all of these… Can’t completely eliminate all these traits, but we should not play victim and say “we’re imperfect!” but we should aim to be better than our pasts!

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and reblog! It’s comments like these that make my heart truly happy. Also, I’m happy you found enough value in this to share it with your audience! We’re very grateful for your love and support! 🙂

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  5. If I say that my mother is a complainer, does that make me a judger?!!

    I guess it’s a good idea to avoid spending too much time with these people, but I have to say that sometimes, especially when its family, they’re kind of hard to avoid.

    Perhaps what I would try to do then, is instead of avoiding them ‘at all costs’ is to ‘challenge their notions’, and not ‘at all costs’ but at appropriate times and as lovingly as you can.

    My thoughts. Arguable, I know!
    Thanks for such a great post. Really made me think


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      1. Yep Riz… I think dealing with it is the way ahead. You can only avoid these people to an extent. There are some who you just have to find ways to interact with in a way that doesn’t end up ‘infecting’ you. !


      1. I thank you! I was thinking the same when I read this, and I could not have make it sound better. You wrote down what I was thinking. 🙂


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