Four Pillars To A Fulfilling Life P.2

We believe that simplification is the key to living a fulfilling life. Sometimes we’re surrounded with too many distractions and people to think about our own lives.

But when you break it down, it is pretty straightforward. We believe that the key to a fulfilling life lies in four pillars: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Last week we covered the first two – physical and mental – so naturally this week, we’ll get to the last two – emotional and spiritual.

We’ve found that each of these ‘rules’ needs to be satisfied in order to keep our bodies and minds in complete working order.

We don’t believe that any one is more important than the other. Each pillar should be strived for equally. They are all important when chasing the fulfilling life.

Each pillar is a support beam holding up the building (your body and mind). Strong building blocks create a strong unshakeable fortress. When you are unshakeable, the world does not affect you and can live to your own volition.


The emotional pillar solely consists of a single category – your relationships. Broken down into several subcategories – friends, intimate partners, co-workers and strangers – they can impact your mood, actions, and, in turn, your life.

Who you choose to surround yourself with directly affects the building blocks to your unshakeable fortress.

1) Friends

Your friends can make or break you. They can make you laugh uncontrollably or cry endlessly. Choose them wisely. Surround yourself with friends that have your best interests in mind. Friends that will help you in your time of need. Friends that can lift you up, when you’re down.

2) Intimate Partners

Your intimate partner can be the guiding light or the darkness in your life. Choose a partner that will challenge you and force you to grow. Someone that will tell you you’re wrong and pat you on the back when you’re right.

People stay in horrible relationships for a multitude of reasons – dependency, loneliness, and insecurity – but never realize that it’s toxic. Toxic relationships are a barrier to your end goal.

3) Co-Workers

You have direct power over the first two categories, but for co-workers, sometimes we’re stuck with negative, life-draining people. Co-workers that complain endlessly and demand our immediate attention for meaningless tasks and water-cooler gossip. Even so, you have some power.

Say you have work to and walk away or you can listen to them for a brief moment, but never give their negativity weight in your head. Let it enter your ears and immediately let the negativity vanish into the air.

4) Strangers

Strangers are the most insignificant group, but they also possess the most power. We seem to internalize their uninformed opinions of ourselves – body image, life choices or negativity – and allow it to affect our mood and actions.

Acknowledge these people as an insignificant group. Don’t give them the power over you. Take them with a grain of salt and shrug them away. Shrug away their negative opinions and little problems. They are there to pin you to their low level.

You are a compilation of the five closest people to yourself. If you surround yourself with toxic people, you eventually become toxic. Eventually, you’ll stop laughing, growing and appreciating as their negativity seeps into every orifice.


The spiritual pillar is completely open to interpretation. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or any other faith, simply have something.

You don’t even need to be religious. You can simply just sit in silence everyday and meditate or believe and appreciate life itself. Whatever your beliefs consist of, just give yourself some time every single day to silently reflect.

When we work out, we’re told to allow our muscles some rest to recover. What about our most precious asset? The organ that completely affects all that we feel, manifest and do.

Sit down and think about absolutely nothing. Spend some time each day and simply practice gratitude. Gratitude for life, love and friendships. For the simple pleasures – water, food, ability to breathe – the things we often take for granted.

Your brain needs the same rest that your body craves after a long workout. The effects are immediate and drastic. Suspend the amazing feeling and continue to strive towards it each day.

We have found that when we simultaneously improve all four of these pillars, everything in our lives seems to fall into place.

We all face difficult times and unexpected problems. When we work everyday to improve our four pillars, no matter how great the struggle, we seem to overcome it easily.

Today and everyday, aim for constant improvement.

Until next time, my beautiful readers,

Be bold, be free and love on.


13 thoughts on “Four Pillars To A Fulfilling Life P.2

  1. Reblogged this on Let Food HEAL Your Body! and commented:
    Yesterday, I gave y’all the first part of Leroy’s AMAZING advice about how to lead a fulfilling life by examining the physical and mental aspects. Today, I’m excited to share with you the second part: emotional and spiritual. When all four of these aspects are in alignment with each other, you can’t help but feel happy and want to make a difference in the world (at least in my experience).

    My goal for the emotional aspect is to eliminate the strangers who are having the biggest negative impact on my life (and I realize that some may be harder to cut out than others). As for the spiritual, I pledge to get back to my roots and read the Bible more often. I also want to meditate for at least 20 minutes each day.

    How can y’all improve these four aspects? It doesn’t have to be a huge change because every little bit counts.

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    1. Dear Miranda,

      We are touched by this thoughtful comment. Your words really mean a lot to us. Thank you so much for the kind words and sentiments. We’re incredibly happy that you chose to both articles! I hope you continue to be a contributor to our little corner of the internet. Wishing you all the best!

      Leroy Milton, 2HelpfulGuys


  2. Thank you so much for the reblog! We are really appreciative of your kind words and support. Our only goal is to help as people as possible, and you have made it easier for us by sharing it. We hope you continue to be a contributor to our little corner of the internet! Thank you again! 🙂


  3. I just used those exact pillars in a comment on another’s blog before I read this. Great minds… (I added ‘financial.’ Much as we don’t like to admit it, it’s a pillar too)


  4. I believe your points about friends is great. Certain friendships can be the great constant in our lives, with us for our whole life. They often outlast intimate relationships due to a variety of issues and certain family relationships due to death. I think too few people think about certain friendships being soulmates as well. I don’t believe that we have ONE person as a soulmate – but rather a soul-family or even soul-tribe, and we focus on the ONE romantic love, without truly taking in the blessings and grace of love from the source of friendship.


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