1 Timeless Way To Improve All Your Relationships

Most people will give you the same answer to the following question:

“Do you treasure your relationships?”

I asked myself that question yesterday and the answer was an obvious ‘yes!’ It is just a common trait that we share as social beings.

But then I asked myself a follow-up question. And most people, myself included, cannot answer with the same authenticity and assertion.

“How do you treasure your relationships?”

This question is a lot harder to answer. I found myself stuck, racking my brain for answers.

When was the last time I told someone I treasured them? When was the last time I paid a loved one a simple heartfelt compliment? Unfortunately, I have failed at this task.

While most people do treasure their relationships, they often forget to show it. Here’s how to remedy this major problem.

1. Friendships

My friends mean the world to me. I would do anything that is in my power to help them. Even if it were out of my power, I’d still attempt to move the world.

Most people would identify with the similar sentiment.

But it has been too long since I’ve said or did something that conveys my feelings. Today, I picked up the phone and told two of my friends that I love them. I told two of them, that I’m there for them no matter what.

I told two of them that they can vent and I’ll listen, they can cry and I’ll have a free shoulder, and they can feel lonely and I’ll always be behind them like their shadows.

Today, meet-up, call, text, email, Facebook, MySpace, or any other cryptic interaction you use and tell your friends that you treasure them.

2. Your Significant Other

I started seeing an amazing girl over the last month and half.

I treasure her. Every single moment that I share with her is never a waste. Every single moment has a burst of bliss, energy and affection. When I’m around her, I feel like that cartoon wolf with the bulging eyes and heart.


When was the last time you expressed how you felt to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse? When was the last time you told them that you felt like the cartoon wolf when you cast your eyes on them?

Tell them and show them through your eyes and ears. They don’t want your money or fancy gifts. They just want you, through and through, fully.

Today, stare into their eyes and say something meaningful and heartfelt.

3. Family

Their love and affection is almost expected and that’s a terrible way to live because we take them for granted. I am guilty of this and extremely embarrassed.

I’ll be moving out of the nest and spreading my wings next Friday and as that day nears, I find myself getting bluer.

That expected love and affection from my family will not be an everyday occurrence and it seems that I have not treasured them as much as I should of.

I’ll miss just simply talking to them about nothing, resting my head on their shoulders, or receiving a warm hug.

Today, rest your head on your families shoulder, hug them, and tell them that you appreciate and love them for everything.

4. Strangers

The sad fact is that not everyone has friends, significant others, or families to treasure. If you lack one, depend on the other two. And if you lack the above three, you can treasure this category of people.

When you interact with a stranger for a brief moment – a cashier, a banker, a co-worker or even a telemarketer can quickly become someone to treasure. As awkward as it may feel in the moment, tell the stranger that you appreciate them.

Watch how they react to your heartfelt words. They will blossom and unfold in front of your eyes. They will begin to glow and radiate warmth towards you.

Telling or showing your loved ones that you care and treasure them will change and improve all your relationships. It produces profound affects on anyone you interact with.

Today, I hope you take a little bit of time out of your schedule and treasure your relationships. It is as simple as listening, asking, and cherishing, complimenting, being and loving.

As always, my beautiful readers,

Be bold, be free, and love on.

13 thoughts on “1 Timeless Way To Improve All Your Relationships

  1. Unfortunately I can not take time out of my schedule to treasure my relationship because it is always in the schedule, I have learned to put the things that matter the most first

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  2. Oh, yes. I do this to excess, all of these things. In my marriage for a relationship that is over 20 years old, things have brightened due to my work, oddly enough.

    I have ended up dropping a number of friends due to that “taking friends for granted” aspect. I’m glad to hear *someone* is embarrassed to have done that taking-for-granted. Guilt and embarrassment exist for a purpose and a purpose we are easily disposing of in the distraction-traps of the day. Finding one’s people, even or especially through the interwebs, is so much harder than any of us could ever have dreamed.

    Many believe my work is for self-fulfillment or to be highly praised. It isn’t. It’s to find people of like-mind to share in the enjoyment through discussion. I found a side-project to have healed 8 years of trouble in my love-life, for this reason I want to publish it to reach farther. Not for glorification but to possibly help others.

    I am happy to hear other people out there are making strong efforts of doing that, too. One pointer: our cherished memories of love. Why do we hold the bonds we do? What shared memories of fun do we have? When friends re-unite there are some memories one person contains and another memory the next person contains. When we piece them together we not only have the fun in doing so, we have the joy of sharing the complete moment of that experience once held and bringing it into continuance.

    Thank you.


    1. I completely agree with everything here. What especially resonated with me was when you said guilt exists for a purpose. I think that purpose is reinvigorate a feeling within oneself. That feeling is meant to tell you, “HEY. Listen. Cherish your relationships!”

      That’s really great. When you pursue something, it has to be your passion. I firmly believe that people who truly enjoy what they are doing will prosper. Specifically speaking, I have never been as diligent and schedule as I am with 2HelpfulGuys. For me, 2HG is a passion and helping people is a huge passion, which keeps me going because I thoroughly love it.

      I like your last point as well. Although as much as I like to cherish the memories, I like to also live in the moment. And be fully present and alive with the person sitting across from me. I like to give them my complete and undivided attention. Personally speaking, when I start to reminisce, I often forget to listen to the other because I get lost in my own head.

      No, thank you for your comment. It was thought-provoking and I really appreciate it!

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  3. I love this post, and fully agree with the piece of advice you’re giving here. Treasuring my relationships in as many ways as I can is on my to-do list every day. And what’s even more wonderful, in addition to having great people to love, is that letting them know how special they are brings joy not only to them, but to me! Thanks for encouraging kindness and love.

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    1. That’s great to hear! I’m going to start doing the same thing as you – putting it on my to-do list. That way I will know that I’m going to do it every single day!

      We need more people like you around that appreciates and loves their relationships! Thank you.

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    1. Dear Jane,

      Thank you for the reblog. I (we) really appreciate the support. I’m extremely glad that you enjoyed my article enough to share it with your audience! I’m happy to know that it resonated with you.

      Leroy Milton , 2HelpfulGuys

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    1. That’s great to hear! I hope that you continue down the path of treasuring your relationships.

      P.S You’re our top commenter! Don’t stop contributing and being awesome. We really appreciate all your comments and feedback!


  4. A great post. It is something that I am sure everyone is guilty of in some ways. This post shows that there are people out there that think unselfishly. So for this, I appreciate you.


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