1 Indisputable Way To Overcome Bad Days

We all have bad days. They are inevitable. Sometimes they are life-changing and devastating. In my last article, I said that change is necessary. Change is important for personal growth.

It is necessary because life wants to test your limits. It pushes you to your limits. And in that ‘make it or break it’ situation is where real growth occurs.

That being said, you still have to overcome the bad day. How do you conquer something when everything around you collapses and just nothing goes your way?

Well, yesterday my laptop died. Just two weeks before one of the biggest changes in my life, it dies and extra expenses occurred. But, worst of all, there goes all my data.

All my articles, journals, school assignments, and ideas, gone.


Note to self: Excessively back-up everything from now on.

I wouldn’t find out for five hours if anything could be recovered. Waiting five hours were like standing on upright needles, holding a pink elephant above my head.

I screamed and cried. “Why does this always happen to me?” I affirmed. I even prayed.

I lost everything.

But then, I stopped. I dug inside myself. I began to come to terms with it. I started to rationalize.

Did I really lose everything? Well, no. I’m still here. I’m still breathing, walking, thinking, and feeling. To me, that is a miracle.

You are always alive

No matter how bad the situation is, if you are able to share your experience, thoughts and feelings with anyone, even yourself, there is still something to cling on to.

I found solace in that thought.

Data is nothing when it’s compared to your own life, your own humanity. In fact, very few things are considered devastating when you compare it your existence.

Next time something dramatic happens, sit and think:

“Well, what else? Can I breathe, feel, and think? Can I walk? Can I depend on someone? Am I able to come up with ideas? Can I be grateful?”

If you can say a resounding ‘yes!’ to even one of those, then you cannot be shaken.

“I cannot be thrown off the block during this challenge. This bad day does not define who I am. It will not throw me off my course.”

That is my mantra. Try it. Repeat it yourself out loud, over and over again.

When something devastating occurs, there is nothing that can pull you out but yourself. Social circles, family and prayer will definitely help, but in the end, it lies within you.

You possess the unbridled power to change how you feel and how you react to any given situation. Introspection can do wonders when you’re having a terrible day.

Nothing is as bad as it seems when you compare it to your humanity.

As for my data, I recovered it and, through it all, I didn’t lose my sanity standing on upright needles, holding a pink elephant above my head.

Until next week my beautiful readers,

Be bold, be free, and love on.

37 thoughts on “1 Indisputable Way To Overcome Bad Days

  1. “You are always alive.” That is something I tell myself quite often. I actually just touched on this concept in the second of four parts of my blog series My Four Seasons-https://robpatdoy.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/soundtrack-of-a-photograph-part-16-my-four-seasons-2/
    I was at a low point, and then something much worse happened in the world around me and I told myself…I’m alive….wake up! And I still tell myself that. Thanks for this post.

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  2. Perspective is everything! This post helped me reevaluate my situation today. Very helpful and inspiring! Keep up the good work! Spreading the positivity 🙂

    Molicia xo

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      1. I really appreciate this reminder. I was a optimist as a child, then I went through the pessimistic period that was very difficult in my late high school to early university years. Now I am a realist and despite all the difficult and hurtful things that have occurred even I can look to the bold silver (sorry the only optimist in me now is the memories of Optimus Prime from the old school cartoon movie- so not gold for me, 😉 .) I can understand how an optimist would see it as a gold lining, but for right now being alive is a bold silver and knowing I will have an eternal afterlife is the very bold gold line for me. At least that is how I see it from my perspective, but no matter the color it is something very important to look at thing like when your computer lost everything, you still had your life, food, a roof over my head and. It was a difficult situation and I understand it being very upsetting when you lose all your school work.
        I had a similar thing happen to me and I had my computer back up every 5 minutes automatically while I was working on school work, backing it up after every important change on my external hard drive and on my email accounts I would email that version to myself and all other emails that were mine. I think I went a little over board but it was my senior year of honors classes at University that I had lost the majority of my work from past and present classes for when my computer died. I was so happy when I finished the term and graduated. I still back up daily, but I’m not as hyper vigilant as I was until the end of my classes that term.
        I hope the files and work you lost can be replaced in some way, like scanning in old graded work or possibly from any web based submission format many schools are using now for many classes.

        Again I thank you for such a wonderful reminder of what we have to be thankful for and also other things we have when things go wrong in life.


      2. It’s okay. Everyone goes through ups and downs. No one is an optimist all the time. That in of itself is an incredibly tasking challenge.

        You are completely right though! There is always a silver lining. A laptop is nothing when it is compared to the more important things in my life – living, friends, family etc.

        Everything has worked out in the end, and I’m joining you in that excessively backing everything up frame of mind. It was just sheer laziness before, but I have learned my lesson, and now set it to back-up automatically everyday!

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    1. Oh my. Such kind words. Thank you so much for the reblog. I really really appreciate you sharing this with your audience. It’s moments like these that I absolutely covet – the moments where people find my content genuinely helpful.


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      1. I was going through a particularly difficult part of ‘a rough patch’ when you posted this and it really touched me and helped me put things in perspective. Your blog is seriously awesome, you rock 🙂

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      2. You comment literally just made me go ‘ugh.’ I’m so incredibly happy that I could do even the smallest amount to help you through that patch. Think of these little patches as necessary! Everything you are is a result of getting through each of your rough patches. Your strengths, feelings, thoughts and actions, are all a result of you overcoming your obstacles! I really hope you’re over that patch in that last week! If you need anything, I’m always here to vent to!

        Leroy Milton

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      3. Thank you so so much Leroy, such lovely words! I’m feeling much better now, thank you for helping me along. I’ll go back to this advice and this comment in particular when I’m next feeling down 🙂 x

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    1. I’m so glad you have been helped through my work! It’s comments like yours that truly brighten my day and keep me writing. I hope you continue to find value in my (our) works! 🙂


    1. Everything that you are – your feelings, strengths and actions is a direct result of bad days, months, and years. I know it might seem like backward thinking, but welcome these bad times. They are only here to push you further, making you a stronger version of yourself. If you ever need anyone to talk to, please do not hesitate to contact me (us).

      Leroy Milton

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