1 Painless Tip You Need To Adjust With Sudden Change

…And my university is on strike. That’s great! That’s exactly what I needed.

-Insert my very sarcastic face here-

I don’t know how long this will hold out for, but the last time it lasted four months.

I was supposed to finish and graduate school in March, move out and start my life. I was supposed to focus on 2HelpfulGuys and write more, make more videos, and really start to focus on helping people.

I was supposed to do a lot of things, but it all hinged on school ending. Now everything is ruined. Everything is going to spiral and go downhill.

But wait, maybe it isn’t as bad as I think it is. I wrote previously that there is a positive in every situation. Maybe there is a glimmer of light somewhere in this.

I’ve discovered it over the course of the last two days. It was a valuable lesson that I needed to learn and, hopefully, you can learn as well.

Sometimes Strikes Happen

That’s just the fact of the matter. It can’t be avoided and it can’t be altered. Sometimes, things just don’t pan out the way you want.

I’ve governed the last 8 months of my life with a regimented strict routine. Sometimes there were little blips. Every time that happened, I whined a little bit.

“Oh man. I can’t believe X, Y, and Z just happened. Now my entire schedule is ruined.” 

I ruined my own day, all by myself. But in reality, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Everything carried on. I was okay. I was alive. I was still breathing.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes life wants to see how you work under pressure. Life wants you to grow and transform, with each pitch it dishes out.

Change is meant to keep you on your toes, to keep you nimble and ready. Acknowledge the change as ‘good’ and carry on.

When is Change Bad?

My change was a strike, and that’s manageable. But sometimes, life throws you a huge life-changing curveball.

Someone close to you passes away, you may lose your job suddenly, or you fail your family, or worse, yourself.

It’s easy to say, “just make some lemonade, when life hands you lemons.” However, fact of the matter, we all cope differently, but we sometimes we just can’t make lemonade.

Sometimes the pressures of life closes you in this tiny inescapable box and all you want to do is have just one breathe of fresh air.

We’ve all been there. I know I have.

Take a break from it all. Allow yourself to be upset and remorseful. We are not emotionless automatons. Those emotions are natural and you should experience them.

Look inward, deep inside yourself and you will find solace. Then, look outward, to your support system and you will find solace.

We all share these bad life-changing curveballs. Confide in someone. People naturally want to help each other, for the plain reason that we, ourselves, were once alone and stuck in that oxygen-less box.


When you expect a straight ball, life decides to pitch you curve. Be aware, be ready, and invite it. Use it as a stepping-stone to the stronger version of yourself.

In wake of the curveball, ultimately we must accept it. The ball curved, it already happened and it can’t be undone. Give yourself some time and allow yourself to move on.

For me, this strike is literally life changing. But it’s time for me to accept and move on.

I hope you do the same with all your curveballs. And for whatever struggle you’re facing, Steven and I are here to help.

Until next time my beautiful readers,

Be Bold, be free, and love on.

19 thoughts on “1 Painless Tip You Need To Adjust With Sudden Change

      1. You’re welcome! I’m in college and I have set alot of goals for myself as well. Things get in the way and they frustrate me too. However, I’m learning to keep pushing on! Time is the most precious thing in the world.

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      2. That’s great! I can really appreciate that! Most people don’t have clear goals. Keep moving forward towards them and approach each obstacle with an open heart and mind. They are there to test your strength and will. I’m proud of the fact, that you are pushing on! 🙂

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  1. Great post!
    Isn’t it amazing how powerful our brains are? With the power of a little negative rumination we can decide to ruin our days all before we finish our first cup of coffee 😛
    The perspective in this post is wonderful. We are versatile beings and so reminding ourselves to use a little more mindful reasoning and positivity can make all the difference.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Tallulah 🙂


    1. Our brains are so incredibly complex and amazing. I can’t even wrap my own head around it (Insert cheesy pun here). Thank you so much for your kind words and reminder! I’ve started to welcome all change and redirections because they definitely change you. But the distinction to how it changes you, lies in perception! Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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  2. Very sound advice. I feel sure that you will meet your goals. Sometimes the detours in life prove to be beneficial. We don’t always realize it right away but eventually we do. I wish you the best.

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  3. Keep a clear focus and realize there are always curves in the road ahead. It takes a lot of time and work to achieve all your goals, and patience is a huge factor thrown in there also. Don’t fall into that “I want it NOW!” trap, because you will never get it that way. But don’t lose that big picture, work toward it and all the small ones will come together until the big one is finished. Strikes don’t last forever. People have families to feed and bills to pay, so they will be back working soon. Reserve your own energy for that day, catch up on sleep, and when the day arrives you’ll be ready to claim the world!

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  4. York U?

    Hang in there, it’ll all work out in the end! Just think of 2008 (wow I’m getting old), people lived to tell the tale 🙂



    1. YES! I will most definitely have to! There isn’t much that I can personally do unfortunately. It’s just a big waiting game. Hopefully it doesn’t last as long as the one in 08!


  5. I’m used to rely only on myself and that saves a lot of disappointment. Life never happens as planned. I’m not even talking about accidents like that one that happened to me; and some other person had probably decided that this was it. Changes should be met with welcoming hug. No change in my life for instance was to the worst, even though, they felt as something terrible at the beginning. School is fine, but why it is so important that it can completely ruin your life? That cannot be true, I just don’t think you should take it that way. I also believe many people create and invent difficulties for themselves when everything is great and nothing bad really has happened. Judging by the way you’re coping with your problems, there’s no problem with your life or how you are living it.


    1. You’re right. No change can be for the worst. It’s all about perspective. I think if we can all change the way we approach a change, or a struggle, we can minimize the impact and make our lives better.


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