1 Effortless Tip That Will Change Your Life

There is one simple action that can instantly transform your life and the lives of the people around you. It has the power to invigorate, inspire, and include.

It’s something that costs nothing and but its’ intrinsic value is incomparable.

But most people forget about it. Or stop doing it. Or pick the negative alternative. I believe that many personal problems can be solved using this one simple action.

The simple technique isn’t hidden in Pandora’s box or shrouded in clouded mystery. It has always been there, available to you, waiting for the right moment to shine.

So what is it, you ask? I hope you’ve figured it out by now and doing it as you read this.

Of course! Eureka! The simple technique is a:


I spend my weekday mornings commuting to school on the bus, surrounded by so many scowling faces. It seems like we’ve forgotten how to smile.

We’ve forgotten how to be happy. Forgotten how to feel happiness. Forgotten how to show happiness.

When we were children, we never needed a reason to smile. It was automatic, almost instinctual. Literally anything made us smile and it was suspended there. We giggled and played, which made us giggle more. It was an endless cycle.

But somewhere along the lines, we grew up. We forgot how to keep a suspended smile. And when it did rear its’ beautiful head, it quickly disappeared.

But your smile is eager! Your smile wants to be shown to the world. It craves your attention. It has profound effects on you and everyone else around you.

To Invigorate.

When someone smiles at you, you can’t help by smile back. Your response is automatic. It is genuine and it is heartfelt.

For a brief moment in time, you share something with another and you feel invigorated. You are happier, more satisfied, and more loved.

I invite you to be the person that invigorates. Be the first to make someone feel happier, satisfied and loved. Aim to invigorate someone’s life.

You’ll change their lives and, in turn, change yours.

To Inspire.

When someone smiles at you, you get this ‘aha’ moment. Suddenly everything appears clearly, more distinct.

Your body and mind are inspired to feel happier. When you are inspired, life seems easier. You’re suspended on top of the world. Nothing seems to break you.

I invite you to be the person that inspires. Be the first to make someone feel like they are on top of the world. Give someone the ability to be formidable in the face of adversity.

You’ll change their lives and, in turn, change yours.

To Include.

When someone smiles at you, inside your own body there is a mix of incredibly complex chemicals. I don’t know the science, but you share an instant connection with that person. You instantly like that person.

That connection makes you want know that person. You want that person in your circle because he/she sheds positive light. That simple smile includes you into their world and shares their love.

I invite you to be the person that includes. Be the first to make someone feel like they are part of your life. Share your positive light and love.

You’ll change their lives and, in turn, change yours.

What if I can’t smile?

Force yourself to smile. Force yourself to hum a tune. Act as if you were already happy, and that will trick your brain into being happy.

“Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under more direct control of the will, we can directly regulate the feeling, which is not.” – William James, Psychologist

Now is the time to smile. If you can’t, now is the time to hum or sing or dance. It is time to forget everything and simply smile.

So I invite you now to share a simple smile with me? Share a simple smile with a loved one? With a stranger? With a co-worker?

There are countless opportunities to smile and people to direct it to. Start today. You’ll change their lives and, in turn, change yours.

Be bold, be free, and love on.


31 thoughts on “1 Effortless Tip That Will Change Your Life

  1. Nice topic. Very motivating. If this world had known the power of a simple smile, there wouldn’t been any strife. Yes we can’ t change the world but surely we change ourselves. Thank you for this powerful post.
    I loved reading it.

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  2. This terrific entry reminds me of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs, from the 1990s called, “Smile On” by Deee Lite:

    You don’t have to say no words
    And it comes in every language
    You can see it in every nation
    It helps communication

    It’s like a shining sun
    Up high in the sky
    And when you blink your eyes
    It’s like a nice surprise

    Take your time
    As long as you make the time
    To be happy

    Smile on, pass it on

    It’s a universal sign
    Everyone can do it
    You can change people’s minds
    If you choose to use it

    AND you can hear the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jcl6_Hvde3g

    Thank you!!!!

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  3. I sit around smiling or laughing like a gooney bird all the time any way, so not much I can add to that. I also hum most of the time, causing mothers of small kids to drag them away in alarm, which in turn makes me laugh harder. They’ll be taking me away some day, but until then I’ll enjoy life.

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    1. I think the people that say smiling is stupid is is quite wrong. It’s the single most effective thing to make friends, influence people and break the ice. As you mentioned, it’s free and returns more than you give. Please don’t let the naysayers stop you! Keep smiling! 🙂

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  4. All your blog posts are terrific. They show wisdom beyound your years. Would like permission to reprint some of them in my blog, with attribution of course … ART

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  5. Thanks for sharing! This is good stuff. The simple things in life really do add up and really do hold the answer to many of our problems. Too bad we’re so caught up in the conspicuous and the ostentatious in life as a people. We far too often completely overlook the often more important LITTLE things. Thanks for the timely reminder!


    1. Exactly! We look past the little things in life. Even something as small as a smile can completely change and refocus everything around you. It has such a profound intrinsic power to do nearly anything! Thank you for your comment and kind words! 🙂

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  6. Hi, came across your blog accidentally and glad to be here 🙂 A lot of times when we smile, the neighbours don’t even care. I have had these experiences! Or if you are walking in the market and someone smiles at you without reason, we immediately feel awkward than to give a smile back. Guess, the world has come to think of all “why’s and how’s” than “why not’s and oh-yes” 🙂 Neways, great post. Stay smiling you too 🙂


  7. Hi, came across your blog accidentally and glad to be here 🙂 A lot of times when we smile, the neighbours don’t even care. I have had these experiences! Or if you are walking in the market and someone smiles at you without reason, we immediately feel awkward than to give a smile back. Guess, the world has come to think of all “why’s and how’s” than “why not’s and oh-yes” 🙂 Neways, great post. Stay smiling you too 🙂


  8. So true! I’m a pretty smiley person but I’ve noticed I struggle to smile at people who may not appear to invite such a gesture. I also tend to withdraw into myself when I’m out and about and perhaps too focused on accomplishing the task at hand instead of being a blessing to the people around me. I’ve heard it said that if you have a hard time smiling, practice in front of a mirror if you have to. I imagine that even those of us who are more inclined to smile anyway, have room to grow in this area. But it’s so worth it! I’ve been astonished at how beautiful that grumpy old lady is when she cracks a smile at me; smiles open up the shutters over our eyes and allow people to see the light inside our souls. Thanks for the post! 🙂


  9. Hi Leroy, i have been following your blog for a while now after checking it out from a reader’s blog and have been hooked since! It’s ironic how its as though everything u write has already flitted through my mind and u say similar things just differently. its lovely. u r so upbeat. even when im shattered after a long day i simply cant help reading your articles… ur words make me smile and r reminders of what i post to my readers and helps invigorate me.

    I cant remember who posted it yet i wrote down 10 things i wanted to do. i wrote it on the train to work in the morn after reading the article the night before and wrote what popped into my head.i gotta admit i havent kept up with it daily… tho i promised i’d type it down as my 1st comment on your site so here are the 10 things i wrote down a while back (in my lil notebook&pen i keep on me at all times) and as was advised i wrote them despite how silly it may seem:

    new ideas:
    1- an organisation that gets homeless off the streets.
    2- a way to open peoples’ eyes to what’s really heppening in the world.
    a system that actually helps all children instead of excelling some and drowning others.
    4- a platform that becomes known like youtube/facebook that enriches peoples lives and doesnt invade them.
    5- find a way to get everyone to start realising and valuing their worth again.
    6- Take power from the minority and give it back to the majority.
    7- spread the true meanin of ‘love’ and not the twisted lies we’re fed every day.
    8- get people to start valuing life again including the earth we live on.
    9- erase the invisible yet plainly visible line between the masses; rich/poor ect..
    10- figuring out the difference between good ad bad then practice telling truths and change our lies into good truths. (whatever that mean it doesnt make much sense now that i type it down :p )

    wow i forgot i wrote all that its a little strange reading it again which i havent done since writing it down.

    my blog is http://www.jayjhonson.com and if u ever get time to check it out i’d appreciate it :p its very simple and plain yet very me so i love it!

    i also checked out your youtube channel it was …interesting to say th least especially seeing you both doing your thing tho i really prefer your blog. more substance or maybe its just me loving my reading :p




    1. Holy moly. I am so incredibly honoured with this comment and all your words. Sorry for the late reply, but to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to reply to it, unless I completely knew exactly how I was going to reply to it. You have such a kind heart to say and feel such things about my writing, and I truly truly appreciate you taking the time to even mention such kind words.

      Steven actually wrote about the ten ideas a day. I’m glad you are starting it! I really like ideas 1, 2, 5, and 8. They really resonate with me personally. Keep doing ten ideas! Do it everyday and stretch yourself further. This was a great list so far! Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes coming with ideas is hard, but like anything else, the more you do it, the better you become at it! Keep up the amazing work!

      I checked out your blog and I love your work! I love your last article “The One Lesson I Learned the Hard Way.” It occurred to me that you have been through a lot from that article. But I love the fact that you keep pushing forward. Don’t run away, and as you said “Life will just catch up.” You and I are quite similar. Keep being grateful for the little things and keep smiling. You have an endearing and rare perspective on life, so please do me a favour, don’t lose it. Hold it dear because I hold that quality dear.

      Our YouTube is being redesigned in April. We’re going for a straight forward, less comedic approach. We’re more focusing on writing now, but when we kick off our YouTube again, it will be more informative and useful to everyone!

      Once again, please don’t stop being who you are. Don’t stop smiling and loving and being the overall amazing person that is called Jay. Thank you so much for this comment and your words. It has been, by far, my most appreciated comment to date.

      Sincerely yours,
      Leroy M.

      P.S. One last request – PLEASE WRITE MORE. Try and stay consistent because I want more work from you. You have a way with words.

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      1. Wow simply wow! I cant tell you how much I laughed reading your reply, it made me so happy that i was practically in tears by the end out of awe of you.

        By your 1st 2 words i had a shocked look on my face and i thought to myself omg he answered me and it seems like its positive! Half way thru reading your comment i kept stopping then reading it again & repeating the process till i forced myself to carry on to the end….and by that time i held my face in my hands and i tried my best to control myself so as not to cry. honestly. Leroy. you took my breath away. thank you.

        Frankly im still in shock really. i literally had to open up my last blog post and read it all thru again as i tried to gage where u were coming from and yet couldnt see it as its all too mediocre to me yet words cant describe how grateful I am for your genuine words. u have given me such a boost like no other, u have no idea how flattered I am. I didnt think u would get to even check it out much less reply to me! im still shaken up i mean wow u complimented me so much that im still in disbelief about it all really… ><

        When I read your reply, do u know in cartoons when the character suddenly dissolves in a puddle on the ground as the character disappears out of shock ect..? That is EXACTLY what happened to me upon reading your reply.

        I dont see how my words meant that much to u when i spoke nothing but truth about your work, u should get such feedback all the time!

        Im on my way to the gym yet had to write this to u 1st. Both u and Steven produce awe inspiring work so good on both of u ^_^

        I have a way with words? seriously? have you Read YOUR work? :p
        I do struggle with writing tho i must admit. I find that i can only write when i feel it deeply in my heart other wise it turns out bland and boring and tho im relieved i have posted i know it should be better as readers deserve nothing other than my best.

        Ummm…you've rendered me pretty speechless here despite the few befuddled words i managed to scribble down just now…

        Leroy. the 3 dots below describe my gratitude to you for your reply as words have yet to be invented to describe how u have made me feel.

        So thank you.



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