Expand Your Comfort Zone Today

Looking back, all the valuable skills I ever learned required a phase of discomfort. The first time you try something new you have no idea what you are doing and that would make anyone uncomfortable.

I remember the first day I did door to door sales. While walking up to the first house that I was going to knock on, I felt like I was going to throw up or die; whichever came first.

But, here I am today. After knocking on countless doors and talking to thousands of people I can do it without breaking a sweat. It’s made me a more outgoing person and has expanded my comfort zone so that I am comfortable in more social situations than ever before.

That’s the way your comfort zone works. You want to stay in it as much as possible, but the only way you can possibly grow as a person is to venture outside of it. Once you’ve spent enough time outside your comfort zone, it grows to include that newly explored territory.

There is an amazing sense of accomplishment in the moment when you conquer something outside your comfort zone.

Leroy and I have been writing articles for 2HelpfulGuys for quite a while, but when we first started we were petrified. Now we are releasing our first book and I’m scared again, I have no idea if it will be received well.

But we know that pushing outside our comfort zone will make us stronger, so we keep pushing.

If you want to take your first steps outside of your comfort zone, here are some things that you can try.

Contact A Celebrity You Admire.

We tend to feel like there is some sort of invisible wall between us and the people we look up. The idea of interacting with them might seem a little far-fetched and make us uncomfortable. If that is the case for you, you have to give it a try.

I tweeted at my favourite author, James Altucher, and not only did he answer back, he followed me!

It might not seem like a very big deal but trust me, when you accomplish something like this you will feel like the whole world is in your reach. Your comfort zone will expand and you will believe no one is too big to contact.

Who knows, maybe one day you end up in a conversation with a CEO that might change your life?

Start Conversations With Strangers.

If there is anything that makes people uncomfortable, it’s striking up a conversation with someone in public. As a society it seems too uncomfortable to even sit beside someone on the bus, let alone have a conversation with them!

So the next time you are in public, step outside that comfort barrier and try talking to someone random.

Do this on a bus, in a mall, at the grocery store or wherever you see people in public. I guarantee that once you do it a few times, your comfort zone will grow and you will be able to do it without a problem.

Force Yourself To Face A Fear.

If there is a one-step method to getting out of your comfort zone, this is it.

Like most people, I used to be afraid of public speaking. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you view it, I was asked to speak at a conference when I was 13.

I was asked to speak about my blood disorder and how it affected me. The very idea of getting up on stage and talking about my personal struggles with hundreds of people seemed like a nightmare to me. But I did it regardless.

I remember my eyes watering up so much that I couldn’t see the page, and my legs felt like rusty machinery that needed to be oiled.

After this experience I realized that I loved being on stage and I started to take drama classes. Now I am a lot more comfortable on stage in front of people. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak in front of a larger crowd one day and expand my comfort zone even further.

Being uncomfortable is well, uncomfortable. So it makes sense that we want to stay inside that zone where we feel at home. We don’t have to be nervous, risk messing up or getting embarrassed. But we also don’t grow.

That is why you need to step outside your comfort zone as often as possible. When you become comfortable with feelings of discomfort, you’ll be able to accomplish anything.

Expand your comfort zone as large as you possibly can and conquer your world.

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35 thoughts on “Expand Your Comfort Zone Today

  1. From a psychological standpoint your comfort zone is an artificial mental boundary within which you maintain a sense of security and out of which you experience great discomfort.

    For the most part your comfort zone is a reflection of your self-image and how you think and expect things should be.

    When you are in an uncomfortable situation, or one that doesn’t fit your expectations, you usually do whatever you can to make yourself comfortable again

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    1. I appreciate you bringing the psychological nuances to light. With this in mind, it’s understandable that people have such a hard time pushing past the discomfort. But if we know these obstacles we will have a better chance of getting around them!


  2. Psychology first (get it out of the way)
    mihrank- exactly…. comfort zones, acceptable/expected behaviors, even common sense is our brain trying to “keep the peace” between our Frontalxxxxxx I’ll keep it non-technical lol
    Our brain likes to be without conflict. So, a simple way of saying it, is while our active and conscious thoughts are experiencing a “new” thought, behavior, or anything other irregular from what is stored in our “stubborn” part of the brain that has already taken a position of defiance against anything “new”, it takes time, effort and repeated active process before we (our brain) will accept it. ****Even though I left out the detailed psychological version, I realized it is actually not even needed, it’s thats simple******

    Now, your door to door, and challenging things that are out of your comfort zone….


    Same for me when I was going through severe anxiety, panic attacks, and was even agoraphobic at one point in my life. I refused to go on medication, and just came to a point of where I had enough of it!
    I chose to take out a personal vendetta against these “thoughts” that were triggering my panic attacks.
    Went door to door sales, started promoting for night clubs, became this completely extroverted person. (well it wasn’t snap my fingers done)
    Door to door sales, I looked at as my personal therapy knowing that I could always walk away, fell sick, run out of the house, faint, and whatever…. Knowing I would most likely never see them again, and there was always the next door. Ironically, not only did this overcome my anxiety, (through what a later learned in my degree was exposure therapy) or whatever name they use for it now…. But, it actually made me one of the top sales reps back then.
    Good post/Topic
    People- Try new things, get out of your comfort zones, and question your common sense- QUESTION EVERYTHING! There is so much more out there than what we “settle into”

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    1. Thank you! It’s something that I really believe in …. It’s not that I’m saying be in a state of paranoia lol…. Just make sure you question your thoughts and decisions, or reflect on your behavior (here and there) to make sure it’s what you consciously want, not just “autopilot”. People don’t realize how efficient the brain is and needs to be with the amount of processing it does (on its own without your awareness) that it creates short cuts ext …… Just check in on the “bosses performance” once in a while haha i

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      1. What a great way to put it. We all have thousands of thoughts floating around our mind throughout the day and it’s important that we grab hold of them sometimes and ask “Does this thought really represent me, or is it just habitual to think this way?”

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  3. This is so very true! On the same note as your door-to-door sales, I got a job in a coffee shop where I’m expected to make conversation with each and every customer. At first I was extremely nervous and barely got out the most basic of pleasantries. Now chatting up strangers is almost second nature for me, I frequently find myself talking to random people on the bus or in stores.

    As always, thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your guy’s posts!

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    1. It’s very true, once you’re exposed to something long enough you’ll become comfortable with it. In some cases outside situations will force us to spent time outside our comfort zone, but sometimes we need to force ourselves. Keep chatting up strangers and maybe it will rub off on them!


  4. Great post. You are so right–often times discomfort stems from fear of change, and that form of fear cripples our ability to enjoy life. We stay in bad relationships because we are afraid to start over; we stay in jobs we don’t like because we are comfortable, and most of us waste our lives away because we are afraid to try new things. We must get more comfortable with change! Your advice could really impact all facets of a person’s life if they took it to heart.
    Glad to hear about your book as well! Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. Figuring this out is the first step, and becoming comfortable change is a tough obstacle but I hope people take these words to heart and explore outside that boundary. You’re so right about how far this fear can reach into our lives.

      Thank you for the encouragement! I’m very excited about the book. 🙂


    1. I am very excited for it’s official release very soon. I hope it makes an impact on not only the people that read it, but also the people they talk to. I hope people will gain practical advice and new perspectives that they can teach others.


  5. I know there are people who stay in their shells. I understand why they don’t want to come out of those shells. However, don’t they get curious about what’s out there — ever? I’m an introvert. Really, I am. I prefer solitude to almost anything else. But I also have wonder-lust and a curiosity about people that needs to the quenched. Pushing through the fear at that point becomes a must and, actually, becomes easier. Do the people in their shells realize this?

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  6. Great Post and Advice.
    2 Questions, How does someone in Sales ( i’m in Realestate) make themselves stay in their Uncomfortable Zone long enough to see results? I see myself shutting down 3 to 4 months at a time, when a sale doesn’t make it to closing… Can Sales Dissappointments ever become easy?



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