When I was young I wanted to have an impact on the world.

I went through different stages of how I would want to accomplish this task. While going through my blood disorder I wanted to become a doctor, after that I wanted to be in a famous band, and after that I wanted to do something in politics.

I dreamed of changing the world, but I could barely get a handle on my own life and the world that surrounds me, never mind the world at large.

With the coming of the new year I finally feel like I have positioned myself to impact the world on a scale far past anything I have done in the past.

In my dreams I always imagined this point arriving much sooner, but I had a lot of lessons to learn up to this point. Changing the world may seem out of reach, but you can slowly pull yourself towards this goal if you know where to start.

So, here is the behind the scenes. This is the part of changing the world that no one ever talks about. The stages that you must go through that never get the spotlight, the glamour, or the glitz.

Change Your Inner World.

Before you can have any real impact on the world, you must first create your own foundation of excellence within.

When Leroy and I were heavily interested in politics, we got as far as creating an organization called “EFFP: Education For Freedom and Prosperity.” It was a huge milestone for us and I was excited.

The problem was that even though I had all of this ambition, I had no solid foundation within myself. I was sand, not a rock. With the slightest change in the winds of fate I would be distracted, blown this way and that way.

If I had a bad day, a problem with a friend, or a lack of energy I would make no progress that day and possibly fall into a spiral that could take days or weeks to get out of.

If you want to change the world you have to start with yourself. You can’t solve anyone else’s problems if you are still losing the battle against your own.

If you can build a strong foundation within yourself, you will be able to walk your path towards changing the world without worrying about the next situation that is going to derail you from your goals.

Change Your Environment.

I moved out of my parents house recently. I didn’t realize just how much of an effect that environment had on me until after I had left.

The house was very messy so I stayed in my room. It was tiny and I felt very claustrophobic. Other problems arose and it become unbearable to stay there. It weighed on my mind where ever I went, even when I was at work I felt the residual stress.

Your environment is so important if you want to change the world. If you can’t focus because of mess, negative people, or a bad workplace then you will end up unable to help anyone while trapped in your own problems.

Remember, if you don’t have a solid foundation, you will be too subject-able to the winds of fate and you won’t make it very far down your path to changing the world.

If your surrounding environment is set up properly, even when you have a bad day it will not last long. Everything around you will help you to see why you are on the path that you are on, and encourage you to push through any difficulties.

You should be surrounded by things that make you happy, your goals, and good people.

Once you have changed your inner world and your environment, you will be ready to change the world at large. You will be able to move forward with full focus and truly make a difference.

It’s taken me years to learn those lessons and I’ve spent the last two years dedicated to creating the best version of myself that will best serve the world.

You can’t fight the good fight if you are losing personal battles. Change yourself, then you will change the world.

So until 2015, With love,

Steven Farquharson.


  1. Let me start this by saying that those not following your blog are missing out on so much of realistic motivation. I say realistic because so many people tend to say things but not give tips on how to act upon it. I know this is realistic because I myself am going through this. 2014 is the year I started the change within myself. I am still working on it after failing miserably a lot of times but never losing hope because I want to have an impact on the World and set an example for my future generation and people around me, ultimately the society. Changing my environment is on my list and coming soon. This post is so real and based on facts, I always love your articles and am a very satisfied reader of this wonderful blog. My wishes for you guys and keep on motivating us ❤

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  2. Also a simple act of kindness can also change the world and how you view it.
    You guys must be mind readrs you seem to write wht’s on my mind but do it so much better and for that I thank you.

    Even for myself I’m changing my thinking, to aid chaninging the problem old thinking is just that, to develope you need to look at challenges from a different perspective, then apply the new thought process, which is what I’ll be trying to do in the coming year.

    Thanks for your inspiring posts you are indeed 2 Helpful Guys

    Wish you the best for 2015.


  3. John Henry Cardinal Newman wrote “To live is to change; to be perfect is to have changed often.” My own goal is to be the person I’m supposed to be. Whether the world changes in response is out of my hands. That said, I think if everyone or most people, or even *more* people would seek to be their truest selves, the world would be transformed.

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  4. We must be related! You are the second guy I met with the same last name as me. Interesting topic though, It feels like you kicked me right back to first base, thanks! So tell me, what did you do with that vision within those 2 years? Put it on the shelf, network, etc?


  5. But the real Steven F. Needs to step forward. My last research shows him as non-existent. Seems he’s been learning from someone I know well as well. None of this is new information to me.
    The real you can write and not get blocked for God’s sake.
    What’s so damn hard about being you, to all of us?
    I don’t get it.
    Never will.


  6. Hi Steve!
    Such a great post. I truly agree.
    I’m moving out from my parent’s house too. I’m scared as shit because I’m afraid of not being able to live on my own alone in a new country (I’m moving to Abu Dhabi). I’m freaking out! But I have to move because, like you said, the environment specially a negative one has a bad effect on you.


  7. Great post … resonates with events in my life and I’m sure with many others. Would like permission to use it in my blog with credit of course


  8. “The problem was that even though I had all of this ambition, I had no solid foundation within myself. I was sand, not a rock. With the slightest change in the winds of fate I would be distracted, blown this way and that way.”

    I really like this! I wish all of us to become rocks in 2015!!! … or at least get closer to that!

    All the best!


  9. I learned long ago not to dwell on the past or look too far in the future. I haven’t mastered creating unshakeable happiness. And writing and following to-do lists still escape me..


  10. Wise and helpful words, as always. You are so right about how your environment and the people in it affect you. Reminding myself of the things I’ve already accomplished, rather than focusing on all the things that still need to be done, also helps me to keep on track with my goals. Positive energy brings about more positive energy, as you well know. Here’s to a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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  11. “In my dreams I always imagined this point arriving much sooner.” — Same here….. :))
    It’s #2 for me! Such a great reminder especially with new year coming.
    Bestest 2015 to you guys!


  12. This is an incredible post, thanks for writing it! These are all lessons I’ve been learning gradually over the past couple of years. I say “gradually” because it’s one thing to hear the principle and accept it as logical, and another thing entirely to be convicted of its truth and to understand how it works in your own life. I started with as sandy a foundation as you can get, so I’ve let myself be led away by distractions and beaten down by insecurity. Fortunately, the more I see of my life the way it is (and always will be, if I don’t change), the more I feel the NEED to grow and become the person I need to be to effect a positive change in the world.

    The part of this post that resonates most with my life is the concept of your surroundings being tremendously important. It’s something I can’t stress enough to anyone who is just being introduced to the idea. The music you listen to, the books you read, and the people you associate with have a huge impact on your success or lack thereof. It can be painful to leave behind old friends who are holding you back from success, but ultimately you’re not doing any good by allowing their influence to keep your excellence hidden away. As the new year begins, I’m scrutinizing all the things I’m allowing to influence me and throwing out anything that isn’t encouraging me to grow.

    (I finally moved out of my parents’ house a year ago and that made a huge difference in my mental health; unfortunately I had to move back in recently but I’m realizing there are still things I can do to promote a peaceful and healthy environment for myself and my family members while I’m here.)

    Thanks again for this amazing post!


  13. Reblogged this on Fairytales0397 and commented:
    Glad to see I’m not alone out there. Real change is a great opportunity for self reflection and service. It’s messy and you have to be all in. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


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