Three Methods To Overcome An Emotional Rut

I’m in physical, spiritual, and emotional distress right now. I had an entire motivational article written for today, but I decided to postpone it.

My body physically aches, my mind drifts to the forgotten past and distant future, and I feel like I’m losing control of my emotions, functioning minimally, as I drift through each day, a hazy blur.

In phases like this, contrary to my better judgment, I tend to focus on what. Now more than ever, I need to reframe my mind towards where. One ‘w’ acknowledges, and the other, directs.

Don’t Ask, “What am I currently focusing on and thinking about?”

We give our brains free-reign over us. Through millions of years of evolution, thoughts are left to the unconscious mind, wantonly unguided. Pondering what, is just being aware of your current thoughts. Being in the present is important but is very different from choosing to direct your mind.

The brain prefers effortless unconscious processes, but it inevitably hinders your progress, pinning everything down. Free-reign over your thoughts destroys your energy.

Thanks evolution.

Instead I have to preemptively battle my thoughts. Asking what emphasizes now, but asking where focuses on the place I want to be. I’m not the pilot now, my brain is. Being in control requires conscious control.

Ask, “Where shall I focus my thoughts right now?”

This forces me to consciously be aware of my thoughts, feelings, and energy. This means being aware of such things and choosing to guide them rather than letting them unconsciously or automatically drive me.

Through conscious awareness I can slowly start to rehabilitate my emotional and spiritual system. I have to refocus my thoughts and actions towards this central goal.

Sleep like a sloth

Recently, I’ve been tremendously lacking in this area. Between work and work and her, sleep is a distant memory. I can feel the effects on my mind. Diminutive sleep pushes your brain into autopilot.

Sloths always seem to have that big goofy smile on their faces. I think it’s because they sleep at least ten hours a day. I have to start carving out time each day for sleep. I have to be as diligent as a sloth.

Appreciate Yourself

We have talked about being grateful for everything around us. Even when things seem bleak, there is always at least one thing to be grateful for. But, we never really focus on ourselves.

I ask myself two questions: “What is my favorite physical aspect about myself? What is my favorite emotional quality about myself?”

When you’re in distress, the only things you focus on are negative aspects. In these moments of turmoil, turn inwards. Discover what you love about yourself. These questions are unbelievably hard to answer. Force yourself to find something.

Tag Someone In

I realized this morning, that I haven’t seen my rocks, my support group, in a long time. Somewhere, between the hustle and bustle of work and life, I forgot to make time for them.

I saw them three times a week forever, but this last little stretch was barren. Today, I saw Steven for the first time in a few weeks. He injected much needed support, positivity and love into my life.

When you’re in need, reach out. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will save you. Your support group is there to help you succeed and live, thrive and prosper. They look out for your best interests.

I practice what I teach and I teach what I practice. Somewhere along the lines I forgot about that. I try to help to as many people as possible through my works, but today, you helped me.

You are part of my extended family. You share my happiness, positivity, zest for life and, inevitably, my pain. Every one of our readers that views, likes, comments, shares, and shows any other form of love, know that I am so appreciative. I know today I will be okay because you are all here for me. I love all of you.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

65 thoughts on “Three Methods To Overcome An Emotional Rut

  1. Thanks, I needed this. It’s been a stressful week.

    Today I am grateful for my health. I am proud of my emotional support of my sick relative during his time of need. I am super appreciative of my friends Allie Apple, Gala Pear, and Lilly Peach.

    Thanks again for reminding me to focus on the important stuff!


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  2. We all experience highs and lows in our life. It’s hard to motivate others when you are down yourself. I find my consolation in God’s Word. There is always something new to encourage me there.

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    1. You’re right. Everyone experiences it, but my goal is to limit it as much as possible. I feel like I am slowly working towards that, through the help of you all folks, my support circle and everything else in my life. Thanks for your suggestion! I’m sure my readers will appreciate it as much as I have!

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    1. You’re definitely right! Today is just a temporary phase. It will go away eventually, but I want to remedy it before it takes control of me. Sometimes, you can get lost in negativity when you try to wait it out. I think that action speaks stronger than idle.

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  3. Reblogged this on myplace2spu and commented:
    I love how balanced this topic is. Its not an easy one to be in the midst of and be mindful and recalibrate oneself so eloquently. Well done! I love it, and will come back to this when I need some calibrating of my own, ehem… like lately…Thanks so much for the lovely reminder.

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  4. I hear ya, but a bit surprised at the beginnings here…

    From my experience in mindfull rumblings this helps:
    1. Do something NOT in that comfort zone that you’ve created and now you’re miserable–call the chick you have a crush on, get outdoors anyway, find an art museum and just play with her;)!!
    2. Meditate and ask your guides to steer your day. This will put a refresh on your need to control and find it quiet lovely. Yes, there are things that you’ve never considered.
    3. Rest. She’s tired too. A separationm, although sad to the heart, can be a great time for refueling the fuel rods;) (haha) but seriously (you mentioned a her) I’m positive that she’s needing rest as well.
    4. It’s been 3 months on my wicked ride of intense dancing. I sleep so little that I’m a sloth myself. The lack of strong communication when, where, confirmed is causing the problem. I need to sleep–done. At this place, at this time… Confirmed. Guesswork is time consuming.


    Dreamers states. Yep.


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    1. All great tips here! I do agree with all of them!
      1. Sometimes the thing that bothers you the most, you have to face it head on! You have to persevere through it and you will come out on top.
      2. I love daily meditations. I find that it really balances me out. Speaking of which, my mediations this past week went terrible and I missed some. But I feel better, staying consistent now.
      3. Sleep is integral to any finely working body.
      4. I’m glad you’ve realized that you’re lacking sleep. Often people are in denial or believe that they can function on little sleep. For me, I don’t understand. But you’re on the right path!

      I hope you continue to push through and be awesome! 🙂


  5. Yep… experiencing these right now and going through what you are going through. ..

    It is ok because we are only human… just need to bounce back …

    Take care n God bless… I look forward to Christ’s birthday to hope again..

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    1. You are completely right. I find with the distractions, scheduling time away from them really helps me. Everyday, I fit into my schedule a one-hour, “no technology zone.” I remove myself from the world, turn off my phone and laptop, and just sit, or meditate, or lay down. I’ve discovered that this time is very important. Get in touch with yourself, feel yourself. Disconnecting is incredibly hard in this hyper-connected world, but you owe it to yourself, to truly understand who you are and where you want to be.

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  6. Sending some love and positive energy your way. 🙂 This WILL pass and you will be fine. At present it may not seem that way but whenever I have these days, I have a conversation with myself (yes with myself) reminding myself of how far I have come since the last “rut”. It helps me and it may do the same for you. Hugs and a smile for you ma friend we love ya right back xoxox 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and support! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Each one of these comments uplifts my soul and revitalizes my heart. It seems like a small gesture to most, but the feedback, love and support help tremendously.

      And you’re tip is actually amazing. Something that I did consider in the past, but not this time. I have tried it, and it has worked. You’re right, this momentary rut us just that, momentary. It WILL all pass. Thank you so so so much again. Ugh. You’re too kind. 🙂

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  7. This post is well timed for me to come across. I read it yesterday and am back today to say thank you. I feel better about all the sleep my body and mind have been craving lately. Enjoy this special time of year. Peace xx

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    1. I am happy that you decided to comment and show some love. I’m glad you took something from it, and I hope it helped a little bit. I hold each and every one of these comments dear to my heart.

      I appreciate your thanks! It really really means a lot. 🙂


  8. Excellent, well-timed post. I found myself longing for the comfort of old friends and feeling listless yesterday. I’m going to reach out to them today. Thanks for writing. There is so much going on this season, we forget about comforting our souls. Help yourself to a double dose today. You’ve given me one!

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    1. Such kind words! You’re right. In the hustle and bustle of the season, everything is just crazy. Just schedule time every week, regardless of any other time constraints. Make time for the people and things that are important!

      I’m glad I helped a wee bit! 🙂


  9. Powerful stuff here – thank you for sharing. I think we often tend to focus too much on the happy joyous stuff on our blogs…we seek to be inspiring. But life if full of ups and downs and its important to acknowledge those natural cycles. How we come out of those dips and the lessons we learn make all the difference 🙂


  10. I thank you for sharing that because, and this is not a negativity, but a simple observation, I was feeling that you had given so much of yourself to the work, that you had forgotten to keep some back for yourself. I don’t come here for the page, I come here for the vibrancy and enjoyability that I had found in 2 Helpful Guys. So have a great Christmas, a dazzling New Year, recharge those batteries, and I’ll read you later.


  11. I think it’s great that you took the time to step back from the post you had originally planned and realign your work to reflect how you’re actually feeling. This advice is great, and your authenticity makes it even better.


    1. First of all, sorry for the late reply! But thank you so much for the kind words. I will post that article at some point, but for now, I felt like this one served me much better. I’ve always found that writing was incredibly therapeutic for my brain and body. I’m glad you appreciated it.

      In all honesty, the community of support that you readers offer, adds to all the struggling thoughts, feelings and emotions that I sometimes possess. You have helped me in some small way with this comment. For that, I want to thank you.


  12. you’re mostly echoing my current position on things, Leroy, which, for me, warns against hanging out too much with you (r thoughts). see for me this is usually another dilemma ( you highlight the slow-thinking-consumes-energy-fast-thinking-hinders-growth dilemma, and at that: have you tried Jim Stone’s Work with Flow? It helps with reconciling growth and mental energy): too much exposure to like-minded people obstruct growth, too little exposure to like-minded people blocks support. Lucky for me, currently i’m consciously looking for like-minded people 😉

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    1. I’ve never heard of Jim Stone or his works! But I’ll definitely take a look at it! I’m not completely understanding what you’re saying about it, but I think if I read his works, I’ll get a better grasp. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will take a look now 🙂

      If we think alike, we should probably work together in the future! We’re always looking for collaborators!

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  13. Thank you for the simplest reminder. I struggle with seeing the good and am a master at seeing the negative. I am reminded through your words that I need to have patience and that isn’t always easy. I have to be kind to myself during the moments that feel harsh.

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    1. Tag in anyone D.A. Find anybody to listen. Or better yet, listen to someone else’s problems. I find that helping people, often puts my issues into perspective. Everyone is going through some sort of inner struggle, which may or may not be similar to yours. Be there for someone, and they will be there for you

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