How To Push Through Obstacles

When I moved out of my parents house this year, it was a scary process. My end goal was to live on my own and start to manage my own life, but every step of the way I faced obstacles I didn’t anticipate.

It had to be in our budget, it had to allow pets and it had to be close enough to all three of our work places.

After painstaking efforts to find somewhere that met all the criteria we had to gather all of our information and convince the landlords that we were the best tenants.

Finally we got the place and moved in, I thought it was all sunshine from there.

But boy was I wrong.

We had trouble getting the internet working, paying bills for the first time, figuring out groceries and a hundred other obstacles. To this day at least one house related obstacle pops up per week.

Right now, here at 2HelpfulGuys, we are in the middle of writing a book. I can already imagine the hundreds of hurdles that we are going to have to conquer.

Nothing you do will ever come without an obstacle or two so here are my tips to help you push through them and accomplish your goals.

Obstacles are a part of life.

The first thing that will help you push through these pesky obstacles is realizing that obstacles are unavoidable.

They are going to pop up, you can’t stop it. Even if you anticipate as many obstacles as you can, you are still going to run into a few nasty surprises along the way.

For your own sanity, it’s best that you become friends with obstacles.

Use obstacles to help you improve.

By definition an obstacle will help you improve and grow. If you didn’t need to grow to get past the obstacle, then it wouldn’t be an obstacle. It would just be another walk in the park.

When you realize that every obstacle matures your abilities and your drive, you will begin to become excited to face them.

Relish the opportunity to conquer something. It will only lead to more victories.

Break down your obstacles.

When you first encounter an obstacle it is almost always daunting. When you see a mountain from far away you think to yourself “It must be impossible to climb to the top! Look how high it is!”

But when you get closer you start to see the individual paths you can hike. You see it broken down into details that are easier to conquer one by one.

Do this with every obstacle you face. Break it down into small bite size pieces and start chewing.

Never give up.

Some people say Edison tried up to ten thousand different prototypes for the light bulb. Even though the first nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine didn’t work, he refuse to say that he ever failed.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
-Thomas Edison

This is the way you need to think. Every time you try something that doesn’t work you are getting closer to finding what does work.

I’ve learned that nothing you try will ever work the first time. Or maybe you’re lucky and you can get a hole in one.
I never can.

Learning to be okay with being wrong is the most important skill you will ever gain.

Keep being wrong until you find what is right. Just make sure you don’t give up.

As always, I’ll see you next Friday.

With Love,
Steven Farquharson, 2HelpfulGuys

45 thoughts on “How To Push Through Obstacles

  1. I moved out 5 days before Christmas last year. I moved in with my then fiancé. I had a hard time living 3 hours away from home some days were good other were bad. Overall, I moved back home early this September.. Since my ex-fiancé called off our wedding.. But I believe it was ment to be.. I have never been so happy in my life since I’ve move back home. I’m looking forward to my future and seeing what happens!


    1. Everyone has their own path, as long as you are happy that is all that matters. I’ve moved forward and backward in many different aspects of my life but it has always been for the best. It makes it hard not to believe in destiny. I’m glad you are happy. Thanks for the kind words!


      1. No problem! I consider you guys as 2 of my life coaches, y’all always give such amazing advice and wisdom that I need and I’m grateful to y’all for it. Thank YOU!! ☺😊


  2. Wau! A book and I can relate to that of moving out of my parents home…quite late…at 30 years old! Italian..huhuh 😉 Have a fabulous and amazing time when writing your book. * D


  3. Great post! I love this because as you said, obstacles are impossible to rid from our lives completely. I am going through a rough time with my family, and until I realized that there is always going to be some type of problem for a while, I was really depressed a lot of days. When I changed my outlook on how to deal with these obstacles, I find myself not only handling them better, but having a smile on my face while doing it!


    1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. If you try to resist every obstacle that comes your way and believe that you can avoid them you will end up dreading life. It’s a recipe for disaster. If you expect obstacles you won’t be so shocked when they inevitably come up. You might as well go through these problems with grace, right?

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. By the way, I really like your blog. Keep up the good work!


    1. I think I am going to have to quote you on that one, I like it a lot. I’m glad you got some value out of this article, it showcases something that is very important to me. Thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger!


  4. Great advice, as usual.
    This post reminds me of what Reinhold Messner, the legendary climber, who said his goal in climbing was not the summit, but “happiness by enduring misery.” That’s what makes a winner.


    1. To be a climber must really teach you a lot about life. There are a lot of universal truths that suspect you would learn with that activity. I like that quote a lot, it honestly seems like something that you could live by. I’m happy that you enjoy our advice, and I’m honored that you said “as usual.” The fact that you visit here often makes me proud. Thanks for taking the time to leave a message!


  5. Great advice, as usual.
    This post reminds me of what Reinhold Messner, the legendary climber, stated about his goals. What he sought was not the summit, but “happiness by enduring misery.” That’s what makes a winner.


  6. This couldn’t have been written at a better time. It hit home with me just when I needed it. I’m working on my first book and I’ve hit a giant-sized snag. Oh, I’ll keep at it but with your post in mind.

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  7. My life has been a path of many ups and downs and major changes, too. Some of them for the better :). I’ll try to keep this post in mind, as one of the next major changes (and challenges) is right around the corner for me. Thanks, I love your blog!

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  8. I moved out 8 months ago and at first it was a shock to my other half. I had grown up sharing the bills with my mum, more like a housemate than a mother/daughter – I feel it is how it should be when you have a full time job. My boyfriend had only paid £100 a month so the jump to almost £700 was a lot.

    8 months on and we are now completely adapted, although I still find leaving my mum a huge struggle so see her daily! It took a while but we got there 🙂


    1. This is a perfect example of how things can really work out. I’m so glad you shared this. I have been hoping that my situation would turn out like this and your example helps give me faith. It’s also so nice that you visit your mom daily, I had my mom over for dinner recently and it really hit home how important family is.
      Thanks again for coming by and leaving this helpful and inspiring comment.

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  9. I like to remind myself that “there is no failure, only feedback” and so I can just keep on learning and growing. And you can’t eat an elephant in one bite…
    I really enjoy your posts!


  10. Got to be said that’s a cracking perspective that my less than positive mind needs reminding sometimes, thank god for the fact happy people are in this world because left up to us pessimists we’d all be taking short walks off tall cliffs!
    Cracking post good sirs


  11. Like these parts of this blog entry: “Learning to be okay with being wrong is the most important skill you will ever gain. Keep being wrong until you find what is right. Just make sure you don’t give up.”….Life is really all about persistence. Success (or even failure) comes and goes….


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