How To Get ANY Job…Unconventionally.

Last Wednesday I accidentally got a job. I was going into this chocolate store and before I knew it, they were interviewing me. I wasn’t even slightly prepared.

I haven’t job ‘hunted’ in a while, but recently some of friends were complaining that no one was hiring.

Yet, they REALLY wanted me. They were trying to sell me the job! The whole thing was surreal. How did I do it? Not sure, but here’s what I came up with:

A) Confidence 

I feel like it all starts here. This is the determining factor for almost everything in life. You need to be confident when approaching your future employer. When I approached them, I remember saying, ‘I will be the best employee you’ve ever hired.’

People respond to confidence. So few people are confident, that when it’s demonstrated, it comes off as a shock.

A few tips to confidence: look at them in the eyes as you sell yourself. Acknowledge what they said and respond concisely. Use open body language (Google it).

Active conversation comes with confidence. When you are confident, you are attentive and sharp.

B) You are human and guess what… 

So are they. We are all the same mouth-breathing, pooping disgusting people with pretty little masks on.

Treat them as such. Do not place them above yourself. You may think that because you are asking for a job and they get to decide, that puts them above you.

Well, it doesn’t.

Before you approach them, remember that they’re just like you. Treat them as such. Treat them like you’re trying to befriend someone for the first time. Aim for that balance between playfulness and seriousness.

C) Be Yourself 

Even complete strangers can pick up on your façades. Your masks will only hurt you when you approach. Being your genuine self allows people to see your true personality.

And, if by some divine luck, you managed to snake past the interview wearing your mask; your co-workers will eventually see who you really are. Save yourself the embarrassment and be genuine.

D) Make Them Laugh 

In the dating world, the top quality that women look for in a man is ‘funny.’ Not rich, happy, or successful but funny. There has to be some validity to that.

The manager that you’re talking to also loves to laugh! So make him/her laugh. Swear if you must. What I said was, ‘excuse my language, but shitty customers are just that, shitty.’ They laughed.

Swear only if you absolutely have to, but use the ‘excuse my language’ precursor. It seemed to work for me.

Laughter is the way to anyone’s heart. It’s proven. Look at all those dating sites.

E) Show Value 

The best question that is asked in all interviews is, ‘what can you bring to the table?’ I love this question because I can say literally say anything to win them over.

In this particular case, I said, ‘my knowledge.’

“Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t” – Bill Nye

That reminds me that I know a lot of things that the employer doesn’t know. I can use my own knowledge to sell that. I used my knowledge of psychology to teach them something.

You know a lot of things that your future employer doesn’t know either. Use it. Teach them something. They will listen and they will love you.

F) Rules of the Game 

I don’t think there are any rules to this game. Too many people subscribe to the rules and let opportunities pass them by. We’re told to say certain things and act a certain way.

‘Sticky’ questions like ‘what do you pay’ and ‘what can you, as the employer, offer me’ are off the table for most. For me, they aren’t. When you ask the employer, what they have to offer YOU, it’s like their trying to sell you the job.

The roles are reversed. You’re really interviewing them, but they don’t know that.

I think rules are meant to be broken. These tips are all unconventional and this article has gone on too long. As a later point, I will make a part II. For now, go forth and get any YOU desire…unconventionally.

Be bold, be free, and love on.


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42 thoughts on “How To Get ANY Job…Unconventionally.

  1. I am actually in the job market now, so this article was perfect timing. Thanks for all the tips. I use laughter to cover up my nervousness. Thanks again


    1. You’re right! Laughter can help divert attention to nervousness. But try and address the nervousness.
      Remember these people are THE SAME as you. Their just in a ‘power’ position. But the essence of them,
      is no different from you.

      They are just as smelly, happy, sad, farting people. Keep that in mind and your nervousness should go away.
      I wish great success in the job market for you! 🙂


      1. Thank you, and I love your outlook and I already feel much more at ease at interviews. I am going to imagine them sitting there with straw hats, no teeth, and smelly!!! LOL


  2. Love your post – I’ve had more interviews than hot dinners – and got them all (I just changed jobs a lot). I was once told that if I had had a script, I could not have interviewed better. They apparently said after my interview “She’s either totally perfect for this role, or full of (pardon my language) shit”. lol

    I totally agree that two of the best things WE can take to the interview is a) humour, and not being too serious, and b) knowing that the interviewer is possibly just as nervous as we are (I’ve been at both sides of the table – it’s true, like you said we’re all human).

    I’d never encourage anyone to swear at an interview, but seems like it worked for you – lol

    Good luck with your new role. As for me, after constantly being told their are no jobs out there and not wanting to return to office marketing roles, I made my own job and now run my own plaque making business. Looking forward to your future posts.


    1. That’s great to hear! I’ve had a lot of interviews myself as well. So, I found it great to post my tips on it. I’ve cycled through many jobs, always searching for better opportunities and new people!

      By swearing, I only meant minor ‘swear’ words. I would never mean anything derogatory, bigoted, or any of the major swear words. But, it is of utmost importance that you keep it to a minimum, if not at all. However, I did find that when I swore during that interview, it 1) surprised both the interviewers and 2) humanized me in front of them. They didn’t just see another candidate. They saw a person, who is willing to ‘botch’ an interview for the sake of being honest and truthful. At least that’s the message I took from it.

      That’s great to hear! I wish you the utmost of success in your endeavours! 🙂

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  3. congrats guys, you cracked me up with this post! I’m currently running a job search module at the university of Toulouse, France and I’m pretty sure my students will love your advice!.. and it is so true!

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  4. Great tips, all of them! I’ll save your list for the next time I go job hunting. I’ve found it helps me to be honestly enthusiastic about the company or business in some way. You probably did that intuitively in your interview at the chocolate shop. 🙂


  5. I gave up on job hunting and focused on my writing wham something funny happened. I had a recruiter approach me about an available job through Linked In. Apparently, she liked one of the blogs I manage and write for and asked me to send in my resume. Any thing is possible when you relax and just be you.

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  6. Thanks much for the follow. This is wonderful advice! And chocolate? Oh, my. You’re so well on your way…in the dating world, women like chocolate, too.


  7. Thanks! These are vey helpful tips.
    I agree, you need to act confident. I got my job when I was 18 only because I was confident. Maybe even slightly cocky! But I DID get the job.

    Also, the laughter thing works with everyone. If you really need to break the ice and get people to like you, then you NEED to make ’em laugh.

    I think the best thing about this post is that you actually have related to a real life event so it seems more practical, and I’m sure others can relate to it too!


    1. You know, I feel like slightly cocky isn’t even called slightly cocky. I think people misunderstand confidence. So few are confident, that when it is actually demonstrated, people misconstrue it for cockiness!

      I feel like laughter is the ultimate key!

      Thank you so much for those kind words! You made my day 🙂

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  8. Great post! I worked with a headhunter for my current role and he really helped me bring out the confidence for my interviews. I think it’s the number one most important thing, and I believe that’s what got me the job.


  9. Great article, you guys! When I first graduated from college, I felt so intimidated and like you said, was so scared to ask questions like how much does the job pay and what benefits do I get? When really if you think about it, the employer really need help so that’s why they are interviewing. Otherwise, why would they waste their time calling you in if their resume doesn’t show potential already.

    Absolutely agree about being yourself and have a little sense of humor. When interviewing, they just want to make sure they will like working with you and that you will for in with the group who will be your comrades later on


    1. You’re exactly right! I’ve never thought of it that way! Out of ALL the resumes, they picked you (and another X amount of people). That means something about you already caught their eye. So these ‘stigma’ filled questions, aren’t really stigma-filled.

      Yeah, they need to see that you’re a real person. They don’t want another automaton. They want someone funny and relatable! Show your personality!

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  10. How timely… as I start my own practice, everyone I see is my potential “employer”. My profession is unconventional so I need to approach my career in an unconventional, innovative way. Thank you for the inspiration and reminders!


  11. You demonstrated something very important going to the chocolate shop. Employers who know how to succeed look for people with a good attitude. It is something that I have talked about several times in my blog. The secret to a successful, thriving business is elated customers. They are the customers that keep coming back often, not just when there is a special sale. You cannot get elated customers without a commitment to excellent service, which requires an attitude of appreciation for the customer AND employees from the top down.


    1. You’ve summarized my article extremely well! You’re right. In the end, the customer must feel good. The only way to do it is through exceptional service and personable employees. Customers are just regular people, much like the employee and they need to be treated with love and respect, much like anyone else!


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