5 Tips for Effective Time-Management

I’ve had this current week completely off. I was working like a madman through the summer and I start school next week. I feel like I deserve a break after all that has happened through the summer.

The problem that has recently occurred to me is that school is starting soon. For many of us, that would seem a joy. For me, it’s terrible. During school, I have zero free time to do all the activities that I hold dear.

Reading, writing, and personal learning almost go out the window. I am most worried about how I will deal with school while juggling my many hobbies and goals.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

A) Sleep

In my opinion, it’s the cornerstone of everything ‘life.’ Without adequate sleep (I need 9 hours because I’m a hippo), your willpower plummets. You wake up with less willpower resulting in doing less.

Feeling lethargic kisses goodbye your time management skills. You don’t feel like doing much of anything and when you muster up the energy, it isn’t done well.

B) Plan out your day

As part of my daily morning routine, I make a to-do list. I usually do it over breakfast. Planning out the important tasks in the morning allows me to prioritize everything.

I am able to figure out exactly what I want to do during my day and it allows me to manage my time around the list. As an added sense of gratification, crossing something off the list feels amazing.

I recommend implementing a list of important ‘to-do’ tasks everyday. It will allow for better time-management and, as an added plus, will take something off your memory.

C) Cut out the Noise

The people that are closest to me know that I hate texting. I find it completely ineffective for communication purposes past single word answers. Having any sort of conversation via text is completely inefficient and a waste of time.

That being said, texting, to me, is considered noise. Noise is anything that eats away at your valuable time everyday.

This can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (unless you’re learning or laughing), Instagram, television, or any other form of media that you can lose yourself in.

fire tweet_0Social media is not bad in extremely small doses, but once you start tuning out the world around to tweet, you may have a problem.

I consider everything in this category huge time-wasters that soak up your time like a dry sponge. Try to limit your usage to maximize your time.

D) Have ‘Do Not Disturb’ Time

As most of my frequent readers are aware, I’ve currently undertaken Spanish. I’m slowly discovering that learning a language, as with any learning; takes serious and intense concentration (Check out my article on learning here).

In that regard, you possess the ability to control your environment and its factors. If you have something that requires serious concentration, such as learning a new skill, modify the environment to your needs.

Go to quiet areas, tell friends/family not to bother you for X amount of time, turn off your cellphone, et cetera. This allows you to complete your task in the shortest amount of time possible, freeing up the rest of the time for your other tasks.

E) The List is a Guideline

Sometimes I do not complete everything on my list. Sure, it is disheartening, but it reminds me to properly prioritize everything for the next day.

Use your list as a framework for your day. If you do not complete everything on the list, don’t be discouraged. Aim to cross everything off of that list for the following day.

This Friday, I am embarking on another task. I’ll be launching a business with my mom. This will require a great deal of work and time from myself. Sometimes, I worry if I have too much on my plate.

With my fourth year of school, work, learning, reading, this blog, and that business, how will I ever have the time? Compiling this list brings a sense of ease for me because I know that I will be able to manage everything.

How do you manage your time? Do you have any helpful tips for my readers and I? Please leave a comment in the section below. My readers and I would love to hear from you.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

17 thoughts on “5 Tips for Effective Time-Management

  1. I agree on all accounts. I’ve been doing a weekly to-do list for a while now and only recently started the daily to-do list. I think having one for a longer span of time and one for the immediate helps you realize what is actionable and keep things in the appropriate frame of mind.


    1. Thats actually a really smart idea. I haven’t considered doing a weekly To-Do list. Although, I can’t think of many things that I NEED to accomplish weekly.

      However, you’re still completely right on that. It would put things into perspective for me I’m definitely going to try out that method coupled with daily lists!

      Thanks for your input and comment 😀


      1. The weekly list is basically just a step up from the daily list. They all build on each other.
        For example, to put it in terms of studying a language, maybe your goal is to be conversational by the end of the year. Your monthly to-do could be learn 500 new words. Your weekly 125 new words. You daily, make a flash card deck of 25 new words.
        It’s a rough example, but if think you see my meaning.
        Good luck, and don’t let school get in the way of your education.


      2. That’s actually incredibly interesting. It’s like a cascading goal list. For language, that method seems extremely useful! I will definitely try that out. Although, maybe 25 words a day is a push! I’ve been studying 10 words a day, and reviewing all the previous words before bedtime. I find this method effective. But I will definitely set a weekly and monthly goal!


  2. I started making lists for myself in elementary school. Like you said, they were a guide, so it was not supposed to propel me to jump in front of a train if I did not complete the whole list (although it did sometimes feel like I wanted to!) I would write them before I went to bed at night, almost like I was taking the worries and responsibilities out of my head in order to rest easy. And I did! I always slept great knowing I wouldn’t wake up forgetting everything I needed to do that day, that week, etc. From easy things like what to wear, what to pack (so I could sleep later as well, less to decide in the morning), to big things like remembering I had to babysit after school, that I needed to decide on a topic for an essay by Thursday, or that my sister’s birthday was coming up. Everyone in my family thought I was nuts. Actually, they still do, and I get teased to this day. I applaud you for your lists and your enthusiasm for order, peace and happiness. I warn you though, be careful with your Almighty List preaching…you don’t win friends with lists…especially if you make them a list. I made the mistake a few years ago of making a list of things that needed to get done (gentle reminders, helpful reminders) for my new man. Apparently not everyone likes lists. Some people find lists offensive, dictatorial and bossy! 🙂


    1. That’s awesome that you discovered this method at such a young age. Productivity-wise, I find the list method extremely effective. As you mentioned, it definitely keeps track of my entire day. I find that I don’t forget as many things (I have a terrible memory) and I am efficient the next morning.

      Also, an added bonus of lists is the fact that they help build routines. The three major things that appear everyday on my list are reading, writing, and gym. I find with those on there, I always complete them and receive instant gratification.

      As you said, however, there are downsides, as with everything. But I think the upsides outweigh the downsides. Also, I keep the lists for personal use, memory, and to track my life.

      Thanks for the comment! 😀


  3. Ay, I wish I could follow your advice! What great suggestions.
    I just started work after a summer break, and i’m terrified that I won’t have time to read, write and grow. Ay! I will definitely try to put your ideas to use. Congrats on starting a business with your mom and learning Spanish. Both are aspirations of mine, as well…well except for starting a business with my mother, because we might kill each other. You’re already an idol of mine for embarking on something so wonderful. I really wish I had the same connection with my mom. Thanks for the inspiration and for following my blog.


    1. There is always time to read, write, and grow! I honestly believe that there is time, but YOU have to make the time. Time never just presents itself to you. You have to set aside time to grow and progress. But that being said, please consider them! They have helped me and I am incredibly confident that they will help you too.

      That is honestly one of the nicest things that anyone has ever said to me. I really appreciate the kind words. I’m glad that I can help someone or influence someone. The connection with my mom is very strong and I am incredibly grateful for that. However, in hopes of starting a business with her, I hope that I can help her develop the sufficient business skills to lead her company. I have no doubt that in my mind, that she (and anyone else) can achieve their goals, if you really truly want to. That being said, I encourage you to start a business and learn spanish!

      You will never know what you are capable off, until you truly put all your effort into it. Thank you very very very much for your comment. You have truly made my day and this big goofy smile on my face will last a few days.


      Leroy M.

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