The Girl Across The Street

Yesterday, I hung out with an old friend. I haven’t seen her since February and it was a delight. Truthfully speaking, I had a huge crush on her.

We went on a few dates and things just fizzled out. Initially, I was devastated. Before seeing her, I had a fear that those feelings might resurface. I might be stuck in an emotional rut as soon as I saw her.

I think I’m growing up. I saw her and everything went well. Those feelings that I was afraid off – they resurfaced – I dealt with them.

Let Me Backtrack

I had a crush on her because she was pretty much everything I wanted. She embodied the qualities I held most dear, we have amazing conversations, and she is beautiful.

I am the type of person that will always hold feelings, deep inside, for the people I like. The feelings just hide away. When I saw her yesterday, those feelings came out guns-blazing, but they were manageable.

Girls have always occupied a huge portion of my mental and physical energy. I’ve never really had great luck in the whole relationship category. It has always been hard for me to let go of past relationships.

Call it love?

I don’t know what it was. I don’t really understand what love is. Have I felt it? Maybe once? Maybe I’m just convincing myself of love. Or maybe, just maybe, I did feel it?

The Girl Across the Street

I fell hard and fast. It hit me like a brick wall hit Will E. Coyote. From the moment I saw her I was captivated. She also embodied everything I ever wanted.


We got our feelings out. For a while I thought it was ACTUALLY going to work. Long story, short, it didn’t.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would. I was an emotional rollercoaster for about 3 hours. I decided that it couldn’t affect me. There are too many priorities.

There are too many important things to worry about.

A Limited Amount of Energy

Do you spend it worrying about girls? Bills? Gossip? Work drama? I spent it on a whole lot of nonsense. I squandered it away, day-by-day, wallowing in my own self-pity.

That was a huge waste of mental energy. If I knew what I know now, back when I was 16, my life would have been different. Then again, I am a stronger person because of my 16-year-old experiences.

It makes me feel like the perfect girl is somewhere out there. But also, it makes me feel like there isn’t just one. In fact, I know that there are at least two that are out there right now. I know because I met them already.

I feel a sense of ease with that thought. Sure, it didn’t work out. But it allows me to continue on with my life, knowing that somewhere out there, there are multiple perfect girls for me.

I know that I do not have to spend the mental energy wallowing when something does not work out. I know that I will be okay.

What do you choose to spend the energy on? You have a finite amount of energy every single day. I urge you to stop squandering it, like I have, and start improving your life.

Move forward for the all petty things taking over your life and spend that valuable energy on yourself. Use it to constantly and never-endingly improve.

For the first time, I experienced ‘love at first sight.’ Was it meant to be? I guess not. But it’s nice to know that it wasn’t the end of the world.

Be bold, be free, and love on.

7 thoughts on “The Girl Across The Street

  1. This post reminded me of a Tim Minchin song I really like (he’s a comedian in case you haven’t heard of him!), you should check it out. I will post the link below!


  2. Good for you, man. I’ve definitely gone through a similar thing. We all have “the one that got away.” I can think of at least three girls I could award that title. Ultimately, I’m with one now and things a looking very good for us. Things are pretty complicated with her by from Taiwan, me being from America, and the two of us living in Japan… in different cities but we’re committed to making it work. I know there is no chance she would be with me if I didn’t take the important time to work on myself first. You need to take care of you. Great post. Keep it up.


    1. Honestly, things will work if you allow them to work. The power and decision is really yours. That being said, your relationship WILL work because you are making it work.

      I’m glad that you two are working, being in different cities. It goes to show, that two people can stay connected despite the obstacles in front.

      Thank you so much for the comment!


  3. I fell in love at the age of eighteen. After two years together, I ran away-left him-and never looked back. Until eighteen years later. I was young, afraid, and incapable of handling so much love. Today, we are back together, in absolute LOVE, and OK with the fact that we needed eighteen crappy years apart to realize how great it was together.

    Do NOT give up on love. End. Of. Story. 🙂


    1. That’s a crazy true love story! Congratulations on that! Thank you for the advice! If love is strong enough, I shouldn’t give up.

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it 🙂

      Leroy M.

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