Make Your Mind A Negative FREE Zone

What a nightmare.

I was face to face with my mortal enemy, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

I could feel my blood boiling, my heart racing, and my adrenaline pumping. I tried to tell myself to stay calm, but I was shaking with anger.

I was finding myself in this situation more and more often since his family had moved in with my girlfriend’s family. Talk about a universal joke on everyone involved.

My girlfriend at the time had more reason to hate him than I did, I have no idea how she dealt with it.

I always hated that I felt all this anger towards him, but he felt nothing.

No matter how much I held his image in my mind, wishing all manner of evil towards him, he was unaffected.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”
-Mark Twain

That is how anger works.

You are the only one who is affected by your anger. No matter how justified it is, you have to deal with consequences of your negative thoughts.

Your frame of mind will decay and you will torment yourself the longer you continue this destructive thinking.

This is the same for all negative thinking or emotions.

If you are envious of someone, you feel the negativity and their lives are unchanged.

Apply this thinking to any pessimistic emotions you have and you will see this is always the result.

You can’t avoid everyone who will drag you down or rile you up.

But no matter how much they get to you, I want you to stop thinking about them and stop talking about them.

Not because they deserve to get off scot free, this isn’t for their benefit, but because you deserve to be happy.

Imagine your mind is your bed room.

Your thoughts are the posters and knickknacks you decorate it with.

Would you ever cover your room in pictures of people you hate? Would you ever allow any object into your room that upsets you?

So why are you letting so much of this garbage into your mind? After all, you are in your mind every moment of every day.

I am firm believer that negativity can only breed more negativity. If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.

Keep your mind clean for your own benefit.

Decorate it with everything that invigorates and uplifts you.

The world outside can drag you down at every turn, don’t drag yourself down on the inside as well.


I wrote this a couple of days ago and something weird happened last night.
I saw my old “Mortal Enemy” again.

I was going to an event to support a friend who is a DJ and as I walked in I recognized the security guard.
It was him.

You can call it a coincidence, but whatever it was, it was weird. I saw in his eyes that he wanted peace, and so did I.

After all the time and energy I wasted, after all the negativity I allowed into my life, it meant nothing.

Peace in your mind creates peace in your life.
And you deserve a peaceful life.


11 thoughts on “Make Your Mind A Negative FREE Zone

  1. I really need to learn how to live this, but I think it is a process that takes some time. How long has it taken you to reach this stage?
    – Roe


    1. It took me a very long time and to be honest, it’s a mentality you have to reinforce daily. Make it a goal that you think about every day and it will get easier every time get out of bed and step out into the world. Half the reason that I started this blog was to ensure that I would constantly remind myself to stay positive. Try this: pick something or someone that makes you truly grateful. Every time you start to have a negative thought, force yourself to think of your “grateful thought”. Keep doing this and over time it will get easier to switch out of negative thoughts. I hope this helps. It’s hard to stay positive sometimes, but if you are trying, then you are one step closer.

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  2. Hello dear friend Steven,
    Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you found something interesting to read. I love you’re writing style and the positive outlook in life. We can all take a baby step at a time and find great success over time. This post deeply touched me and I have reblogged to I am following you and look forward to more great lessons in life.


    1. Thank you so much for giving my writing this level of praise. I try my best, so it means a lot to me. What I read on your blog as well, maybe great minds can like the same things. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Again, Thank you deeply.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Steven,
        I have do doubt we will become fast friends as I plan to spend time catching up on your post. You writing touches me at the time and then later a second time. The hallmark of a great writer. Hearing you call my mind great is the highest compliment. For so many years my mother told me how stupid I was. I know it’s not true but the scars aren’t gone. Have an awesome day.


      2. Words can have a profound effect on us, for better or for worse. I am glad my words have had a positive impact on you. Please feel free to reach out whenever you want, and thank you so much for the compliments!

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