The Great Escape

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”
-Benjamin Disraeli

I was stuck in a prison with no hope of getting out.

I wanted to change my life so bad, but the change itself scared me to the point of paralysis.

I was stuck in inaction, which is exactly like a prison. You spend your time thinking about all the things you could be doing, but still spend everyday doing the same thing.
Nothing changes.

Sometimes I dress up my fear in optimistic clothes, giving me an excuse for my inaction. I say to myself “Don’t worry, everything will work out just fine.” And then I let more time pass without anything changing.

I have spent the recent months getting out of the prison of inaction. Now I plan on going back, grabbing the keys and freeing anyone who will come with me.

Here is how we do it.

now later

Learn about others who have accomplished their goals.

Everything in this society as a whole is made up of, and run by, people who are generally just like you. All the giant corporations, stock markets, charities, TV stations, all of it.

In order to escape the prison you have to believe you can and the first step to believing you can is knowing that other people out there have already done it.

This way you can give yourself hope, and get tips from someone who has already been around the block. There are thousands of lessons other people have had to learn first hand during their escape that you can learn from now without any downsides.

Get a mentor, or ten. Learn as much as you can from them. Use them as both inspiration and motivation.

Take the task at hand and split it into as many pieces as possible.

When you are looking at the master plan you can come down with a case of vertigo.

Knowing where you want to be but having no idea how you are going to get there is disorientating to say the least.

This is why you need to just think about the very first step. Eating an elephant can seem impossible but you can do it one bite at a time if you just worry about what you are chewing now.

So take every task in your life and split it into a thousand small bites. It’s much easier to digest this way.

Do the easiest or most enjoyable tasks first.

Once you have broken down your task pick the quickest, easiest, or most enjoyable parts and tackle those first.

This will ensure that you actually start and once you are in it there is a good chance that your motivation will snowball.

Another good way to gather some motivation and energy is to have a productive side hobby. Something that you really enjoy and can turn to when you feel really lazy.

The energy you gain from this side hobby will leak into the rest of your life and make you more productive in general. That is a big reason that I started this blog and my YouTube channel 2HelpfulGuys.

The escape isn’t easy but once you are out, you’ll never look back.





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