Just Breathe.

I started this blog on a whim. I was at school and something clicked. Maybe I could publish my thoughts on the Internet.

I have problems. Maybe I can use those problems to help people. Maybe I can impact someone. I thought that I was the only one experiencing these problems. However, I discovered today that I was wrong. Everyone has thoughts swirling around their heads at all times. Everyone has problems, makes new problems and dwells on them.

I am not alone. Something inside me finds ease with that thought.

But at the same time, I don’t want to have problems. I don’t want you to have problems. The problems are always there. We make problems for ourselves. Our brain voice manifests them. We dwell and falter.

My solution is anchored in breathing. Do nothing but focus on your breathing. Feel the breath circulate through your body. Your stomach expands with air, your lifeblood, and exhale everything. Exhale your problems, your thoughts, your feelings, everything. Just focus on the cadence of your breath.

The Boxer

I made a new friend today who wants to fight (boxing, particular) in New York or Vegas, or California.

She has problems.


She’s not progressing with her trainer. Where will she live? How will she pay for her expenses? How is she going to eat and work and box and live?

The fear breeds and more problems are birthed. I have the same. Where will live when I move to California? How will I support myself? How am I going to eat and work and live? I find comfort knowing that other people have these thoughts. I am not alone.

I told her what I do. I breathe. I allow myself to dip into my body. I allow myself to focus on just that and nothing else.

Why Breathing?

Well, firstly, it works for me. It may not work for you. But here is my rationale.

Breathing is something you do everyday. It is done unconsciously and something that stays constant with you.

When you are thinking about problems, it is because you are thinking of nothing else. Your present thought is your problems. I invite you to return to your breath.

Thinking about your breathing shifts the thought from problems to your breath. If you are thinking about your breath, you are not thinking about your problems and vice versa. Breathing is a constant practice with you. It is easy to shift your focus towards that when you need a distraction.

This method seems daunting. But with practice, it gets easier and easier. Once again, feel your stomach expand and exhale.


Slowly, with time, you improve. I focus on my breathing and my mind wanders towards nothingness. For a brief period, my problems are behind me. There is only black, as my stomach expands.

I had a whole another post written for today and this was done on a whim. That girl surfaced something in me that needed to be said.

We all have problems. Unfortunately, that is a finite part of life. But when everything seems terrible, daunting and endless, I remember to just breathe.

7 thoughts on “Just Breathe.

  1. Thanks for this.
    When I was learning to drive, I went along a lot of narrow lanes with a lot of oncoming traffic. Each time we were about to meet another vehicle, I would swerve and panic. My instructor used to keep telling me to “Focus on the gap you want the car to fit through, not the lorry. If you look at the lorry you’ll hit the lorry…. again!”
    I guess this is the same with everything… you are or you turn towards whatever you focus your attention on. Watch sad movies and you feel sad. Read a horror novel and you get scared. Worry all day about that money problem and you remember other bills yet to pay. But, focus on the good stuff… the sunrise, breathing, God, whatever it is for you, and that’s the way you go. Stress levels reduced, peace levels increased. Just like me avoiding the lorries. Blessings


    1. What a nice comment!

      Yes, I totally agree with you. I don’t know if you read (or watched) the secret. But it is basically what you just said. You release these thoughts into the world. As you mentioned, watching sad movies will make you sad or worrying about money problems will just extrapolate the money problems.

      My next article which will on affrimations will go over this very concisely. It is pretty much about releasing thoughts and letting the universe take care of it!

      Thanks for the comment. Have a wonderful day 🙂


  2. Breathing has a long history as a meditative exercise, most literally in Yoga. If returning your thoughts to the breath is helpful for you, might I suggest David Swenson’s yoga dvd’s. They’re available through torrents. His postures can be challenging, but he has an informative lecture on breathing and its benefits and its merits towards slowing and calming the world.


    1. Yes! I have rooted breathing in yoga myself already! I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 years now. One of the reasons, I wrote the article on breathing is because I am personally inclined with it.

      I will check out that lecture though! It’s always interesting to check out different perspectives on something so common, yet unpracticed (conscious breathing, I mean).


  3. I completely agree with you about breathing, It helps us more than we think. I found breathing exercise to be very useful when I had an anxiety attack, My heart was beating so fast and the only way it went back to normal is started doing deep breathing. Since then I’ve been using breathing to deal with my emotional obstacles like anger management. I tend to be angered easily but I know that I shouldn’t go ballistic which is why I contain it, What happens is that it gives me a feeling like my chest is getting tighter. I get relieved after exhaling in and out. Taking long and deep breaths is now a part of my daily routine.


    1. That’s very good to hear about how you overcame your anger/anxiety problems through breathing. I think most people forget how to breathe and let the subconscious take care of it. Being aware of your breathing has many many amazing effects on emotional and physical stability.

      The one I personally enjoy, is pushing close on nostril with my finger and inhaling/exhaling deeply through one nostril 4-5 times. Then, repeat on the other nostril. I’ve read that focusing your breath to one nostril, calms certain parts of the brain and heart. So try that out, if you’d like!

      Thank you very very much for the comment! 🙂


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