Guest Post: Tackling Depression

I have not been blogging for a long time, but in the little amount of time, I’ve had the opportunity to read incredible content that has helped, taught, and inspired me. Recently, I’ve reached out to one of my awesome followers for a guest post. She has an amazing writing style that really connects with the reader. She wrote this article on depression. I invite you to look at her blog and this article at It is an amazing read.

Lastly, I would like to thank her for this post! I feel like depression is something that everyone experiences at one time or another in varying degrees. Her writing style is amazing and it probably took a lot to write about such a touchy topic! So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you AMANDA!

So without further ado, I give you “The Perfect Storm.”

Depression, a storm cloud hanging over us. It’s unescapable. We try to run from it, only it follows our every move. We try to hide from it, only its two steps ahead of us. Suddenly, the clouds release a downfall of melancholy, lethargy, hopelessness and despair. Crashing down on us, beating us down. We lie fragile upon the tear soaked ground, catching a glance of our hopeless reflection, catching a glimpse of our distorted selves.

The clouds are as grey as we feel. The rain is as ferocious as the hatred clawing from within. When we are in the midst of depression, it’s almost impossible to see a way out. It’s almost impossible to know the sun will shine once again. We can’t look up, in fear of being beaten back down. We can’t look forwards, for the darkness has stolen our light.

Depression consumes our every hour, every minute, and every second. We become that dark melancholic cloud. We become the blackness we feel inside. Infectious, like a raincloud invading a sunlit sky, rapidly turning light into darkness. Everything we touch turns to ash. As the clouds thicken, we are unable to see. Our thoughts forever lost in our fog-infested minds.

Depression wraps its ugly arms around us. It’s dragging us down. With nowhere to run and no place to hide, we lose the motivation to fight on. We admit defeat. Floating in a sea of pandemonium, moving through a whirlwind of hurt, there’s no escaping the malignant sadness which consumes our every breath. As we lie in this river of turmoil, we don’t know it yet, but we have already crossed our first hurdle – Acceptance.

As we allow this sea of depression to sweep us off our feet, we wave goodbye to denial. Although our days are bleak, we begin to realise, one day the sky will clear, and the tears will no longer fall. One day, the sun will break through the clouds, and we will feel warmth inside our hearts. A midst the stormiest weather, it’s easy to lose insight and we begin to fear our lives will always be this way. The beautiful truth is, after every storm, the sun always shines.

Perhaps the storm isn’t so bad?

It is through our darkest moments, we learn the most about ourselves. It is during these bleak periods, the façade is dropped and we become truly exposed. With a domination of raw emotion, our worlds become animated with colours of depression. We become more attuned to our feelings. Furthermore, our emotions are intensified. We begin to access parts of ourselves, we were unaware we possessed. We become more creative, more passionate, more animated. We learn to utilise the darker times. We write, we draw, we imagine, we create.

And so we float freely through the stormy seas, watching maps upon the sky, as lost as we’ve become. In time the clouds clear, and so do our minds. Suddenly, the skies cry no longer, and we begin to find our feet once again. The sea of tears has dried, and suddenly, the world doesn’t look so daunting anymore. The darkness has gone. As we watch the sun gleam out from behind the cloud, we smile and embrace the moment. We walk out of the storm, a stronger person.

It’s true what they say, ‘after the storm comes the calm’. It is only when we have been weathered and worn, when we truly appreciate the brighter days. This doesn’t mean we should spend our lives anticipating a storm, but rather, embrace the darker moments and appreciate the sunny spells.

Sometimes, it rains down hard on us, but other times, the sun shines through, and in that moment, depression is nothing but a distant memory.

“Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors”. – Unknown.



26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tackling Depression

  1. your articles are getting interesting one after another. you have shared a good insight of this deadly decease depression. enjoyed reading.


    1. Moniba, this is so kind of you to say. What amazing feedback! It wasn’t an easy one to write, as it brought back a lot of negative feelings. I am finally in a better place now, and thankful for this sunny spell 🙂


      1. I could relate… it brought back negative feelings for me as well, but you wrote the article on a positive note, and I appreciated that.


  2. I hate that you suffer, but your words has me transfixed. So often people that suffer from depression, also have an incredible ability with art. Obviously that can present itself in many ways; via a pencil, a brush, through dance, or as you do, with words. You have something very special. Thank you for visiting me….I will look forward to more of your art. Jen


    1. You’re very welcome, Jen. I find that I am more creative when I am going through these darker episodes. I become more articulate, too. I am also a much better writer, drawer….I’m not sure about dancer! Dancing is not my strong point, I must admit. Some of the greatest minds of this world have suffered from manic depression, and consequently created the most wonderful works of art. It just goes to show, that some good can come from the bleaker periods in our lives – as well as the life lessons. Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it!


      1. All I can say is know that you are special. I think artistic people are far more connected and thus suffer more. Keep writing and expressing. You have a gift, I can see that straight away.


      2. Thank you so much! This really has put a smile on my face. I really appreciate your kind words. I certainly will keep writing, drawing and expressing myself 🙂


      1. I know what you mean! My debut novel is almost done but it has taken quite some time. Being only 15 when I started it my writing style was still evolving. Now I’m 18 and just doing the final rewrites before sending it off to my publisher 🙂 Your book’s going to be great!


      2. That’s amazing! Only 18 years old and almost written a book. Good on you! I’ll keep my eyes open! Make sure you put it up on your blog (I’m sure you will!) 🙂


  3. , catching a glimpse of our distorted selves.
    Know this is half the battle. What we perceive is not real in most cases. Knowing this fortifies me to make it through the difficult times.


    1. Absolutely, depression warps our sense of reality, so much so, sometimes we don’t even know we are depressed! Once this is realised – as you say – the battle is half won!


  4. I just experienced this very thing. I was thinking on the way things were and lost track of the present moment. In the end I lit something deeper within my psyche. When I chose to share those personal moments and feelings I realized that I’d grown as a person.
    Thanks for your post.


    1. I feel like it’s important to share your emotions. That being said, that’s one of the reasons I started a blog.

      You have it spot it though. When I’m feeling down it’s mostly because I am thinking about past mistakes/problems/drama. But, I have to stop and ask myself, “is there anything wrong RIGHT now.” The answer is almost always no.

      It is important to live in the present. Thank you for the insite!


  5. What an awesome post, Amanda. You are a truly gifted writer, and I just love when you come up with such amazing words. You just know how to put the words together in a string of pearls.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to come over here, read and comment. I appreciate it greatly.

      And what amazing feedback it is – what can I say! I am really quite overwhelmed. I’ve always thought myself an average writer, so to be told this isn’t the case, makes me want to get on and write my book, all the more! Thank you for the encouragement.


    1. I feel terrible about this! I didn’t know until just now that I had a spam folder. For some reason, your comment made it there. So I’m replying to this now!

      Thank you very much for the kind words. This was actually a guest post from another author, but I will be sure to pass on your kind words! Thank you for the visit, comment, love and support and, once again, sorry for the late reply!


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