That little voice in your head

I have a little voice in my head.

No, I’m not crazy. I think most of us have this voice. Usually it’s referred to as your conscience.

It’s the part of you that knows when you are doing something against your moral code.

dilbert conscience 2

In the past I have ignored this voice of reason for months, even years on end.

I thought that it was just one side to the story and that the other parts of me, desires and temptations, also had my best interests at heart.

I have never been good at practicing moderation.

I have trouble balancing things. I’ve always been an all or nothing guy.

This can become a serious problem when you completely shut out your conscience and only listen to your desires.

Behaving this way created a lot of drama in my personal life and I have lost a lot of respect for myself in the past.

The consequences are still tangible in my life to this day.

At the end of the day, you have no one to answer to but yourself.

There is no point in living by anyone else’s moral code.

Their voice won’t be the one that keeps you up at night.
It will be that little voice in your head.

You will have to listen to this voice no matter what. At first it will be warning you, although it becomes much deeper when it is saying “I told you so.”

Don’t worry about someone else’s opinion of you.

When you are making decisions don’t worry whether this person or that person will judge you for it.

As long as you are doing something that you can be proud of, that is all that matters.

At some point you’re going to make decisions that upset people around you.

If it is something you need to do, just make sure you can live with it. That voice can change from a warning to a deep regret faster than we might realize.

The warning can be heeded and avoided. A regret can’t be undone.

As long as you live within your own moral code that little voice can protect you, rather than spurn you.

I never used to listen to that little voice, and I ended up walking right into a heap of trouble. Now I take it’s advice more often, and I have a much easier time sleeping at night.

“A clear conscience is the greatest armor.”
-Chinese Proverb



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