Don't stress it!

I was in a war yesterday.

It was me against stress. I’ll be honest, stress won this time. I let it affect me for the whole day. It caused me to think negatively and I became temperamental. It happens to everyone, but this isn’t a side of me that I like very much.

I wish there was a way I could think myself out of stress. When I get home, I always realize that everything is okay. The world hasn’t ended.

But that’s what it felt like all day. The world was ending, crumbling around me. It’s so dramatic, but when you get caught up in the moment it can feel like you are drowning. All you want is a breath of fresh air.


Stress can have an extremely negative impact on your life.

Everyone deals with stress differently, but I think it is safe to say that you are not your normal self when you are stressed out. You might become agitated, you may treat people worse and become more susceptible to mood swings.

If you are someone who is stressed out on a daily basis, it can define you as a person. I’m sure we all know one person who spends way too much time being stressed out by life. Either they worry about work too much, or their relationships are affecting them negatively.

Whatever the case may be, we know that stress definitely doesn’t do any good for ourselves.

Sometimes you can’t avoid being stressed, but you can try to dampen it.

Whenever you find you are starting to stress about something, I want you to think back to all the times you have felt the same way. It eventually ended, didn’t it? You are still here, alive and breathing.

So you know at the very least that this probably won’t kill you. That is something to be happy about right?

Take thirty seconds to stop what you are doing and breathe. Focus on your breath and feel it deep within your stomach. This always helps me. No matter what you are doing, you almost always have thirty seconds to spare.

I have one trick that is kind of weird.

I imagine myself ten years in the future, at a bar with friends. Everyone is laughing. We are talking about how funny it is that we used to think everything was such a big deal.

Then I break out my story about the current situation I am in and how trivial it really was. Of course everyone dies of laughter because the future me is hilarious.

Stress and I are like sparring partners.

Every time I experience stress, I take it as a chance to learn how to beat it more effectively. I start to learn his tendencies and tricks. I think I’m getting better, but I guess I’ll find out the next time we meet.
Until then, I’ll try not to take life so seriously.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.”
-Charlie Chaplin




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