Quotes can change everything


I’ve always had a fascination with quotes.

When I was younger a listened to a lot of hip-hop. I would memorize almost every song I listened to and rap them back to myself constantly. I remember every line of my favorite songs resonating with me on a deep level.

I used to say “This is my favorite part!” to every third line. At one point my friends actually banned me from saying that something was my favorite.

I have always loved how powerful a single phrase can be; how it can change your whole perspective on something.
As I write this I’m listening to “Me against the world” by Tupac.

“They punish the people that ask questions and those that possess, steal from the ones without possessions. The message I stress, to make it stop study your lessons. Don’t settle for less. Even the genius asks questions.”

Quotes are wisdom in it’s most direct form.

If you ever want to learn something, try searching for quotes on Google first.

Recently I have wanted to become a more tranquil person. The world is a chaotic place and I don’t think it plans on stopping at my request. I decided to look up some quotes.
It changed the way I thought about being tranquil and calm.

“If you fill your heart with compassion then you will find your mind fills with tranquility.”

There are even quotes that I use as guides to my life.

I have a tattoo that goes up my side. It says “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.”

I got this tattoo because I believe there is profound truth in the message. Whether you take it in a negative or a positive way, it is true none the less.

The way I interpret it is that you might as well laugh and be happy, if you complain no one will listen anyway. It reminds me to always try to put positivity out into the world.

If you have never looked at a list of quotes, please try it.

If you are feeling down, quotes can help.
If you need to be motivated, look up some quotes.
If you want to know what makes a good leader, find quotes from good leaders.

I hope that one day people will quote me, if I have anything wise to say.
We’ll see if that happens.



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