The day I met a super hero

This is not the post I was originally going to write.

I had a post completely outlined and mapped out, just waiting for me to fill in the details and hit the publish button. What was that other post about?

It would be safe to say that it was an attempt to pull something positive out of a negative scenario. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks so my writing has reflected that.
But something happened today that changed my mood completely.

I met a super hero.

By bnspencer on deviant art
By bnspencer on deviant art

I actually met her a week or so ago, but it wasn’t until today that I realized she was a super hero in disguise.
Here is the story.

I work in a grocery store and a week ago a woman asked me where the cases of water were. I told her where they she could find them, I get this question everyday so I didn’t think anything of it.

As she walked away I noticed that something was wrong. I couldn’t tell what was wrong exactly, but she didn’t seem to be carrying herself as someone usually would. She stood in front of the display but didn’t pick anything up. I decided to bring the case to the cashier for her, after this I went on break.

While I was buying food for my break I noticed that she seemed troubled again. I asked her if anything was wrong, she said that she had injured her shoulder and she couldn’t figure out how to get the water to her car. Obviously I carried it there for her, It’s something you do pretty often at my job so I didn’t think anything of it.

She said thank you, I said your welcome and we parted ways.

Two weeks later, she revealed herself as a super hero.

My boss and I were crossing paths, he handed me a printed out e-mail. Usually it says something like “Why are your numbers so bad? Needs improvement.” This time I saw writing at the bottom of the e-mail that said “OUTSTANDING!”

I figured it was sarcasm, that tends to be the case most of the time. I read the e-mail and everything I had been worrying about melted from my mind.

It was sent from the lady that I helped that day. She said that she had called, but that she wanted to make sure I got the credit I deserved. She recounted our story and threw praise after praise towards my name.

I have treated every customer with this kind of respect for as long as I have worked in the service industry and she was the first person that ever gave me commendation in such a way.

It’s something so small, but I can honestly say I will remember this for the rest of my life. It isn’t very often that we go out of our way to show someone our appreciation.

I guarantee that you can remember a time that someone paid tribute to you. Whether it be a compliment they didn’t have to give, or a a special thanks that you didn’t expect.

If we know that this recognition affects us so deeply, why don’t we give it to others?

We are brought up to be polite, but we often forget to be compassionate. We say please and thank you when someone holds the door open for us, but we forget that these words are diluted. All it takes is a small step further to show a person that we truly appreciate them.

I plan on keeping that e-mail as a reminder of how profound an affect we can have on others with the simplest actions.

That woman was a super hero to me, when I grow up I want to be just like her!



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