Tired of Living That "P" Life?


My name is Leroy and I am a procrastinator. Go ahead and say it yourself. Hi, my name is ________________ and I am a procrastinator. It’s incredibly therapeutic. Do you feel better? I know, I do.

Admitting it is the first step. Luckily I’ve developed something that has helped me through this difficult time and I would like to share it with you.

Side Note #1

Distraction is a Son-of-a-FEMALE DOG.

If you’re easily distracted, there is an equal chance that you don’t want to do that activity. Your body is telling you, “Hey, I don’t like this. Let’s focus on Twitter!” You can choose to take that as a sign.

If a task that produces the ‘ugh’ feeling, chances are you shouldn’t be doing it. Activities are not meant to produce that feeling. There are many others that don’t produce the


I hate school. It steals my time. It robs my brain capacity. It destroys my original thoughts.

I have four papers due before April. I am a complete mess. I usually don’t leave things to the last minute. I don’t know what’s going on.

I simply don’t understand formal education. Essays that prove what? How smart you are? Compared to what standard? And what’s the deal with page minimums? It doesn’t make sense. I’ve said all I’ve had to say and I am still two pages under.

You want two extra pages of fluff? Why can’t I leave the fluff to the sheep shearer?

I’m ranting. Sorry. Here’s the list.

A) Write Down Your Priorities and Essential Activities

Figure out what is most important at the present time. I make my lists based on what is due first. Given enough time, I will do the task that is due last, first and work my way backwards.

I don’t know why, but it works for me.

Secondly, write down all the essential tasks you have to do throughout the day. Manage your time around the priorities and essential tasks. Fill in non-essential tasks once everything is accounted for.

B) Wake-up early

Your brain is sharper and you are the most productive in the morning.

“But I’m not a morning person”

You are not a morning person because you don’t get enough sleep. You need to sleep 8-9 hours a day. If you’re waking up tired, increase the amount of sleep. Your body is telling you, “HEY! I’m not done with sleep yet!” When you have a sleeping schedule, your body will naturally wake up when it is ready.

Waking up early will give you a head start on those tasks.

C) Set Aside Time

You have your list right? At least, at this point, I hope you do. I have mine in front of me. Now set aside a designated 1-2 hours a day for those priorities. I know it’s easier said than done, but you can refer to my excuses article for time management tips.

I can’t cram for a paper or an assignment. I have to progressively work on something. I dedicate a set amount of time everyday to finishing an assignment. This way, I don’t have to stress out during the infamous university/college ‘crunch time.’

D) Avoiding Distractions

Up until very recently, I hated Twitter. I didn’t get it. I love it now. The concept behind Twitter is so simple.

Tell the world about something you’ve achieved in 140 characters. Help others in 140 characters. Tweet, Re-tweets, messages. Great. All great (No Sarcasm Intended).

But now my life is consumed with the daily routine. Check WordPress stats, check Facebook, check Twitter, read articles, and repeat. I distract myself very easily.

Break That Cycle

Facebook, Twitter, and all the articles will forever be immortalized on the Internet. It will all be there in 2 hours. Turn off your phone, shut yourself out of this technology driven world and dedicate that time.

Think of yourself as a caveman (or woman). Pretend that there is no technology in this world except for your laptop and Microsoft Word.

Side Note #2

There you have it. Go and get those priorities done. For me, this article took priority over any of those four papers. I didn’t repeat my distraction cycle. That tells me something.

Just my Caveman self and Microsoft Word.

3 thoughts on “Tired of Living That "P" Life?

  1. I have fallen in this category many times specially when we live in a demanding world but thank God, am quick to realize and pick myself up and go
    Tks for your encouragement on the right amount of sleep. I now make a point to go to sleep early.
    Keep writing and encouraging.
    Await for your next post


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